Welcome Dr Ömer ERKAN to American Journal of Design

Düzce University Faculty of Technology, Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering

Biography & Research Interest

Welcome Dr Ömer ERKAN to Join the Editorial Board of American Journal of Design.

Ph.D. 2010-2018 KARABÜK UNIVERSITY Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences / Department of Mechanical Engineering Thesis Title: Investigation Of The Effect Of Hole Quality Of Different Cutting Tools In Drilling Of Cfrp Composite Plates With Traditional And Orbital Methods Supervisor: Assistant Professor Gökhan SUR
M.Sc. 2006-2009 KARABÜK UNIVERSITY Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences / Department of Mechanical Education Thesis Title: Investigations Of Surface Quality In End Milling Of Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composites Supervisor: Assistant Professor Birhan IŞIK
Undergraduate 2002-2006 BULENT ECEVIT UNIVERSITY Karabük Technical Education Faculty / Department of Mechanical Education

Tasks in Projects
1. Investigation of Effects on Machinability of Cryogenic Process Applied Cutting Tools in Hot Machining of Hard Machining Materials, Researcher, 18/12/2013 – 29/12/2015 (National)
2. Designing, manufacturing and performance of a parallel kinematic machine tool for the precision manufacturing, Coordinator, 18/05/2015 – 18/05/2016 Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology (National)
3. Rotor–Bearing System: Modeling, Experimentally Analyzing, and Utilizing Non-Traditional Optimization Techniques, Researcher, 08/04/2010 – 13/03/2015 (National)

1. Erkan Ömer, Işık Birhan, Çiçek Adem, Kara Fuat (2013). Prediction of Damage Factor in end Milling of Glass Fibre Reinforced Plastic Composites Using Artificial Neural Network. Applied Composite Materials, 20(4), 517-536., Doi: 10.1007/s10443-012-9286-3.
2. Erkan Ömer,Sur Gökhan Cutting Tool Geometry In The Drilling Of Cfrp Composite Plates And Taguchi Optimisation Of The Cutting Parameters Affecting Delamination. Sigma Journal of Engineering and Natural Sciences 36 (3), 2018, 619-628.
3. Erkan Ömer, Işık Birhan,Demetgül Mustafa,Ibrahim Nur Tansel (2014). Selection Of Optimal Machining Conditions For The Composite Materials By Using Taguchi And Gonns. Measurement, 48, 306-313., Doi: 10.1016/J.Measurement.2013.11.011


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