Welcome Dr. Paul Thaddeus Kazibudzki to Journal of Modern Economy.

Dr. Paul Thaddeus Kazibudzki
Associate Professor
J.D. University in Czestochowa, Poland

Biography & Research Interest

Welcome Dr. Paul Thaddeus Kazibudzki to Join the Editorial Board of Journal of Modern Economy.

Paul Thaddeus Kazibudzki is an Assistant Professor at JD University in Poland, and Visiting Professor at Universite Internationale Jean-Paul II de Bafang (Cameroon). He is an MBA graduate of Maastricht School of Management in the Netherlands from the Industrial Policy and Corporate Strategy. He hold Ph.D. degree from Economics with focus on individual competences management. He is a member of a few Scientific Editorial Boards e.g. Journal of Management Research published by Macrothink Institute (USA), Journal of Business Administration Research printed by Sciedu Press (Canada), Global Journal of Economics and Business Administration issued by eScience Publisher (USA), International Journal of Research in Business Studies and Management published by Sryahwa Publications (India), and International Organization of Scientific Research (IOSR) Journal of Business and Management (India-Qatar-Australia-USA). He is an author of a few books and tens of research papers devoted recently mainly to an improvement of consistency measurement and prioritization techniques during the process of pairwise judgments. He publishes in various academic journals e.g. Annals of Operation Research (Springer), International Journal of Business and Management (Canadian Center of Science and Education), Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computational Mechanics (CUT) and American Journal of Business and Management (World Scholars).


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