Welcome Dr. Piyush Chaudhary to American Journal of Scientific Research and Essays

Dr. Piyush Chaudhary
Assistant Professor,
Deptt of Ras Shastra (Ayurvedic Pharmaceutics), Incharge, Gurukul Pharmacy,
MSM Institute of Ayurveda, BPS Women University, Khanpur Kalan, Sonepat, Haryana

Biography & Research Interest

Welcome Dr. Piyush Chaudhary to Join the Editorial Board of American Journal of Scientific Research and Essays.
Dr. Piyush Chaudhary’s Objective: To become a committed professional by having an honest and dedicated approach towards the set goals of the organization that provides flexibility for growth and opportunities for maximum utilization of potential. 1. Clinical Experience in patient care. 2. Expert to develop R & D activities in Ayurveda with special reference to modern techniques. 3. Experience of scrutinizing the ingredients and claims of Patent/Proprietary Ayurvedic formulations as per API guidelines. 4. Expert to develop new efficacious Ayurvedic Formulations.
Dr. Piyush Chaudhary’s Research Experience: Worked on the topic “A Pharmaceutical & Analytical study of Vanga Bhasma & its clinical evaluation as Vrishya w.s.r. Seminal Parameters”.
 Knowledge of the basics of patient care.
 Extensive work in sexual medicine.
 Thorough knowledge of Drugs & Cosmetics Act, 1940&PFA Act and amendments made therein from time to time.
 Extensive knowledge of Ayurvedic Pharmacopoiea of India.  Knowledge of Pre-Formulation for Ayurvedic Dosage forms.



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