Welcome Dr. Ravi Khangai to American Journal of History and Culture

Dr. Ravi Khangai
Assistant Professor
Department of History, Rashtrasant Tukadoji Maharaj Nagpur University
Adjunct Faculty, Hindu University of America

Biography & Research Interest

Welcome Dr. Ravi Khangai to Join the Editorial Board of American Journal of History and Culture.

Projects and Grants
a) Completed a Minor Research Project sponsored by UGC on the topic, ‘Aborigines in the Mahabharata’, 2015. (Amount Rs. 150000/-)
b) Completed a project on the topic, ‘Darlongs of Tripura: Their Aspirations and Achievements’ sponsored by ‘Sanskriti, North Eastern Institute of Culture and Religion, Guwahati’, 2016 (Amount Rs. 50000/-)
c) Partial Travel grants to US for attending conference by RTM Nagpur University. (Rs. 37000/-)

Work Experience
a) Dec 2016 to present-Adjunct Faculty, Hindu University of America, 5200 Vineland Road, Suite 120, Orlando, FL 32811, USA.
Courses- Designing an Online course on the Indian Epic Mahābhārata
b) Oct 2013 to present- Assistant Professor, Department of History, Rashtrasant Tukadoji Maharaj Nagpur University, Maharashtra, India- 440033.
Courses taught at P.G.- Historiography, Trends and theories of History, State during ancient and medieval period, State in British India, India under British Rule.
c) April 2008 to Oct 2013- Assistant Professor of History at Ambedkar College, Fatikroy, Unakoti, Tripura, India -799290
Courses taught at U.G. -History of India (From remote past to 1206 A.D.), History of India (1206 A.D. to 1707 A.D.), History of India (1707 A.D. to 1950 A.D.), North East India up to 1919A.D., History of Modern Europe (1789 A.D. to 1949A.D.), International Relation (1919 A.D.to 1971 A.D.), History of Modern world (1789A.D. to 1945 A.D. ), Tourism management (For Ignou)

Chapters in the Edited Book
a) Khangai Ravi ‘Yogsangram: The 17th Century Marathi Manuscript’ in the edited volume titled, ‘Manuscript and Indian Culture’ Ed- Palit P. And S. Saha, Kaveri Books, New Delhi, 2017. (ISBN 978-81-7479-206-8, Pp. 274-292)
b) Khangai Ravi ‘The Marginality Perceived through History: Illegitimate Children in Mahabharata’ in the edited volume titled, ‘Exploring Social Margins, Human Development in India’s North-East’ Ed- G. Ram, EBH Publishers, Guwahati, 2017. (ISBN 978 93 86302 106, Pp. 55-63)
c) Khangai Ravi ‘Stockholm Syndrome in the Mahabharata’, in the edited volume titled, ‘Sustainable Development Goals and Development of the Weaker Sections in India’ Ed- Patil K.S. & Others, BSPK Book publishing company, Nagpur, 2017 (ISBN 978-93-84198-92-3, Pp. 627-633)
d) Khangai Ravi ‘Making the Divine accessible: Reflection on Madhavadeva’s Naam Ghosha’ in the book titled ‘Religious and Cultural Legacy of Sankardeva’ Ed- Gautam Kumar Bera, Spectrum, Guwahati, 2016. (ISBN 978-81-8344-079-0, Pp.37-48)
e) Khangai Ravi ‘Neo-Vaishnavism and social harmony in Assam’, in the book titled ‘Religious and Cultural Legacy of Sankardeva’ Ed- Gautam Kumar Bera, Spectrum, Guwahati, 2016. (ISBN 978-81-8344-079-0, Pp.49-65)
f) Khangai Ravi ‘Understanding the History of the Aborigine through Ancient Sanskrit Literature: Reflection on the Mahabharata’ in ‘Essays on Sanskrit Studies’, Ed- Acharya A K, New Academic Publishers, New Delhi, 2016. (ISBN 978-81-86772-87-4, Pp. 108-119)
g) Khangai Ravi ‘Shudras and Their Subjugation: Ambedkar’s Opinion’ in the book titled ‘B.R. Ambedkar An Enlightened Iconoclast’ Ed- Priyadarshi Bahinipati New Academic Publishers, New Delhi, 2015. (ISBN 978-8186772-86-7 Pp. 76-88)
h) Khangai Ravi ‘Draupadi’s Trauma: A Reading from the Sabha Parva of The Mahabharata’ in ‘Textualizing Trauma; Narratives from North-East India and beyond’ Ed.- Baral S. , Authorspress, New Delhi in 2014 (ISBN 978-81-7273-821-1, p.191-210)
i) Khangai Ravi ‘Kok Borok poetry; Emerging literary resource among the tribes of Tripura’ in ‘Tribal India’s Traditional Wisdom and Indigenous Resource Management’ Ed.- Gautam Kumar Bera & K. Jose SVD, Abhijeet Publications, New Delhi, 2014 (ISBN 978-93-5074-115-3, p.178-187)
j) Khangai Ravi ‘Pain, fortitude and sacrifice in Tagore’s ‘Karna- Kunti Samvad’ in ‘Quest for Human Values in the works of Rabindranath Tagore’, Ed.- Swami B.,Akansha Publishing, New Delhi 2014 (ISBN 978-81-8370-405-2, p. 127-133)
k) Khangai Ravi ‘Aborigines in the Mahabharta; Situating Subalterns in the epic’ in , ‘Tripura; An Empirical Multidisciplinary Study’, Ed-Shyamal Das, Supriya Books, New Delhi, 2014. (ISBN 978-81-909143-8-3 p.81-91)
l) Khangai Ravi ‘Swami Vivekananda; a National hero or a Universal soul’ in ‘Swami Vivekananda; the man and his message’, Ed- Dr. Chandrika Basu Majumdar, Axis Books, New Delhi, 2013. (ISBN 978-93-82835-19-6, p.97-106)
m) Khangai Ravi ‘Spirituality and medical ethics; a healthy blending’ in ,‘Medical Ethics; Challenges and Prospects in India’, Ed- Subrata Sharma, Supriya Books, New Delhi, 2013. (ISBN 978-81-909143-6-9, p.26-33)
n) Khangai Ravi ‘Beyond Polyandry; Exploring Draupadi’s ‘Desires’ in Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni’s ‘The Palace of Illusion’ in ‘Contemporary English Literary world, Emerging trends’ Ed- Chandana Bhowmik & others, Global Publishing House, Visakhapatnam, 2013 (ISBN 978-93-81563-32-8, p.60-74.)
o) Khangai Ravi ‘Educational Policies and Practices in Tripura and Marginalization’ in ‘Issues of the marginalized Tribals in Tripura’ Ed-Sarkar D & L. Sailo, Supriya Books, 2013, (ISBN 978-81-909143-5-2, p. 16-25)
p) Khangai Ravi ‘Aborigines in the Mahabharata: A case study of Hidimba and Ghatotkacha’ in ‘Anthropology in India: Retrospect and Prospect’ Ed- Jose K. & Others, Abhijeet, New Delhi 2013. (ISBN 978-93-5074-79-8, p.213-230)
q) Khangai Ravi ‘Neo-Viashnavism and Social harmony in Assam’, in ‘Concept of God and religion; traditional thought and contemporary society’ Ed- Jose K. & Others, Abhijeet, New Delhi 2012.(ISBN:978-93-81136-52-2, p. 294-306)


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