Welcome Dr. S.D. KHARCHE to International Journal of Animal Research

Principal Scientist (AR)
PR&SM Division, ICAR-C.I.R.G., Makhdoom

Biography & Research Interest

Welcome Dr. S.D. KHARCHE to Join the Editorial Board of International Journal of Animal Research.

Academic background
Ph D (1998) – Thesis title – Studies on pretreatment effect of hCG & Estradiol-17 β on ovarian response and embryo quality in superovulated cattle. Indian Veterinary Research Institute, Izatnagar, Bareilly, INDIA.
M V Sc (1989) – Thesis title: “Studies on superovulatory response and hormonal profile in crossbred cattle. Indian Veterinary Research Institute, Izatnagar, Bareilly, INDIA.
B V Sc & A. H.(1986) – J.N.K.V.V. Jabulpur, INDIA

Area of interest
 Reproductive herd health care and management of cattle, buffalo, sheep and goat.
 Treatment of reproductive disorders including infertility.
 Frozen semen technology and AI.
 Synchronization, superovulation, non surgical embryo collection and transfer, surgical embryo collection and transfer.
 Cryopreservation of gamete and embryos.
 In vitro maturation, fertilization, culture, in vitro embryo production and Assisted Reproductive Technologies.
 Teaching and training.

Awards :
 Prof. Nil’s lagerlof Memorial Award – 2001
 G. B. Singh Memorial Award – 2003
 Awarded third prize for presentation of Hindi shodh patra on . Bakari Andakon ki Akatrite Karane ki Vidhiyon ka Tulanatmak Adddhyan during Hindi Pakhwada 2003.
 Awarded third prize for presentation of Hindi shodh patra entitled “Vibhinna aakaar ke putakon se prapt andakon ka tulanatmak aadhyayan” during Hindi Pakhwada on dated 18-09-04.
 Gaon Gyan Paritoshik Award – 2006
 Awarded third prize for poster presentation in a National seminar organized by ISSGPU.

1. Successful Induction of lactation and fertility in barren heifers.
2. Development of insulin protocol for higher conception rate in cattle.
3. Improved fertility in cattle and buffalo by incorporating drugs/hormones following A.I.
4. Development of a new superovulation protocol for cattle and goat.
5. Development of vaginal sponges for short term progesterone treatment for estrous synchronization in goats
6. Successful birth of calves and kids through embryo transfer
7. Birth of kid through In-vitro fertilization and Embryo Transfer.
8. Refinement of goat semen freezing protocol.
9. Production of cattle, buffaloe and goat through Artificial Insemination
10. Reproductive heard health management and treatment of reproductive disorders in Cattle, Buffaloe, Sheep and Goats.
11. Development of Parthenote up to 34 days in surrogate mother.


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