Welcome Dr. S. Sathish to Research Journal of Mathematics and Computer Science

Dr. S. Sathish
Assistant Professor and Head,
Dept. of Automobile Engineering, Vels University, Pallavaram, Chennai.

Biography & Research Interest

Welcome Dr. S. Sathish to Join the Editorial Board of Research Journal of Mathematics and Computer Science.

I want to be a part of world class team working in innovative and technically challenging application which can have profound on people/business.
Area of Specialization
 Biomass and Bio Energy Technology
 Alternative Fuels
 Thermal Engineering

M.Tech Project : Performance and Analysis of Box Type Solar Cooker Using Ansys
 A solar cooker is a device designed to absorb the incoming solar radiant energy converting into thermal energy.
 The experiments conducted on single reflector box type solar cooker with two different Heat absorber systems.
 To analyze theoretically the performance of this system for different operating conditions and to optimize the system parameters.
 Solar cooker of same dimensions with two different Heat absorber systems, one filled with Therminol 66 fluid and other one without the fluid has been designed and fabricated.

Ph.D Title : Experimental Investigation and optimization of Process Parameters in Biogas Generation
 This work examines the feasibility of producing biogas from agriculture and animal wastes. The experiments were carried out in floating drum anaerobic digester.
 The experimental investigation is performed using alkaline base feedstock and acid base feedstock as on attempt by using inoculums from cow manure.
 To study the effect of various Parameters like Temperature, Pressure, pH, C/N ratio, organic loading rate, Total solids concentration, volatile solids concentration, Agitating time.
 To study the effect of co-digestion using agro-animal waste and study the effects of pretreatment of lignocellulosic biomass for biogas generation.
 The experimental research is carried out to optimize the process parameters using Response surface methodology and artificial neural network methods.


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