Welcome Dr. S V Ranga Nayakulu to International Research Journal of Physics

Dr. S V Ranga Nayakulu
Professor and Dean
Research & Development, Guru Nanak Institutions Technical Campus(Autonomous)

Biography & Research Interest

Welcome Dr. S V Ranga Nayakulu to Join the Editorial Board of International Research Journal of Physics.

Research Interests
Materials Characterization, Ultrasonics, Microcontrollers, Embedded systems, Nanofluids

 Awarded National Merit Scholarship for achievement of highest marks obtained in S.S.C examinations in 1983 by Government of India.
 Appointed as Research Board of advisors, American Research board of advisors, New York, USA
 Honoured as Fellow of Acoustical Society of India by Acoustical Society of India, New Delhi, in the year 2009.
 Honoured as Fellow of Ultrasonic Society of India by Ultrasonic Society of India, New Delhi, in the year 2011.
 Honoured as Fellow of Institute of Electronics and Telecommunications Engineers (IETE), New Delhi in 2017
 Received ASI best chapter – Hyderabad award during inaugural session of National Symposium on Acoustics on 7th October’2015 at CSIR-National Institute of Oceanography, Goa.
 Received Research Excellence Award during Indo Global Education Summit 2015 during 14th & 15th November’2015 at Taaj Deccan Hotel, Banzara Hills, Hyderabad.
 Presented paper entitled entitled “Acoustic Emission Studies of Weld bead defect of Nuclear grade Materials” is selected for Best Paper award and citation and memento is presented in National Symposium on Acoustics – 2014 on 14th Novemeber’2014
 Received Award by I SNT – Hyderabad Chapter on for recognition of Achievements during 2016 – 17 academic year

Completed Projects
1. Project entitled “Development of Acoustic Emission technique for online inspection of weld quality for SS materials and other NDT applications is sanctioned by Board of Research in Fusion Science & Technology(BRFST), Institute for Plasma Research, Gandhinagar – 382 428 Category: Material Science & Engineering; Duration of the project is 2 years; i.e ( Project No. NFP/MAT/F/11/03, – 2013) Grant-in-aid : 29.55lacs
2. Project entitled”NDT Evaluation of Aero and Nuclear Fusion Materials” is sanctioned under Research Promotion Scheme by AICTE, New Delhi,. Duration of the project is 2 years (i.e., from 2012 to 2013); Grant-in-aid: 17 lacs (Project No. 8023/RID/RPS-58/(POLICY-III)(PVT)/2011-2012

Ongoing Project
UGC minor research project entitled of “Ultrasonic Investigation Studies and Characterization of Nano Fluids” is sanctioned for the duration of 2 years (i.e., 2014 – 2016); Grant-in-aid: 4.60 lacs (Project No. MRP-6252/15(SERO/UGC))

Society Memberships
1. Member, IEEE, New Jersey, USA
2. Fellow in Acoustical Society of India, New Delhi (LM-590)
3. Fellow in Ultrasonic Society of India, New Delhi (No.LF-85)
4. Fellow in Institute of Electronics and Telecommunications Engineers Inc.,(IETE) New Delhi ( F500544), New Delhi, from 2017 onwards
5. Life Member – Indian Society for Non destructive Techniques (No.LM8857- HD)
6. Life Member – Plasma Science Society of India – Ahmadabad
7. Life Member – International Association for Engineers, Hongkong (No.153108)
8. Life Member – Science Engineering Institute, USA (No.2015030600)
9. Life Member – International Association of Computer Science and Information Technology(No.80350443)
10. Senior Member – Universal Association of Computer and Electronics  Engineers i.e UACEE (http://uacee.org)Institute of Research Engineers and  Doctors; SNM10100053999 valid through 2015 to 2018.
11. General Secretary, Acoustical Society of India – Hyderabad Chapter


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