Welcome Dr. Sanjay Mishra to American Journal of Scientific Research and Essays

Dr. Sanjay Mishra

Professor, Department of Biotechnology
School of Engineering & Technology
IFTM University

Biography & Research Interest

Welcome Dr. Sanjay Mishra to Join the Editorial Board of American Journal of Scientific Research and Essays. Dr. Sanjay Mishra is working as an Professor, Department of Biotechnology, School of Engineering & Technology, IFTM University.


  • Currently functioning as Professor, Department of Biotechnology at IFTM University, India, reflecting current research interests in Biochemistry and Biotechnology including: Cancer Biology, Immunology & Medicine, Tuberculosis, Enzymology & Protein Engineering and Biomedical Engineering.PhD in Biochemistry from University of Lucknow in 1993.
  • Gathered rich and varied experience of 23 years in International and Indian research and teaching institutions including working as Visiting Scientistand Research Associate in Japan & USA.
  • Has supervised 7 PhD scholars, and authored more than 60 research papers in International /National journals and presented 40 papers in conferences.
  • Contributed  two book chapters: (a) in a book on Nanobiotechnology; (b) in a book, “Plants and Microbes: An Innovative Approach


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