Welcome Dr Shamim Ahmad

Dr Shamim Ahmad

Professor of Microbiology, Officer In-Charge (Head) & Teacher In-Charge (Administrations),
Microbiology Section, Institute of Ophthalmology, JN Medical College,
Faculty of Medicine , Aligarh Muslim University,
Aligarh-202 002,UP, India.

Biography & Research Interest

Welcome Dr Shamim Ahmad to Join the Editorial Board of International Journal of Traditional and Complementary Medicine. Dr Shamim Ahmad is the Professor of Microbiology, Officer In-Charge (Head) & Teacher In-Charge (Administrations) of Microbiology Section in Institute of Ophthalmology at JN Medical College, Faculty of Medicine of Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh-202 002,UP,India.
Dr Shamim Ahmad’s MAIN RESEARCH INTERESTS include:
-Bacterial and Fungal Infections of the Eye and their Chemotherapy.
-Molecular Aspect of ANTIBIOTIC-RESISTANCE IN CLINICAL BACTERIA ESPECIALLY IN EYE INFECTIONS using most modern molecular techniques.
-ROLE OF PLASMIDS / B-LACTAM AMSES in drug resistance and pathogenicity of Gram positive especially Staphylococci and Gram negative clinical bacteria , including ocular pathogens and their mechanism at molecular level.
-Biochemical and Molecular Approaches on the Spread of Antibiotic -resistance genes from different ecosystems to human beings in health and disease.
-Molecular Characterization of Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus 21 (MRSA) from Various infections particularly from Ocular infections specially keratitis Patients.
-Strategies to prevent ENDOPHTHALMITIS after Intra Ocular Surgeries ,using ANIM AL MODELS.
-Role of Preoperative and Post –Operative antibiotics in various SURGERIES especially in intraocular surgeries.
-Application of Novel Approaches to Combat Drug-Resistant Bacteria and New Strategies Combating Bacterial Infections using alternate approaches and agents.
-Use of LYSOSTAPHIN in most dreaded Eye infections (KERATITIS and ENDOPHTHALMITIS) caused multiple Resistanr Superbugs especially MRSAs.
– Exploration of Medicinal Plants producing Antimicrobial products and UNANI FORMULATIONS FOR THEIR ANTIMICROBIAL ACTIVITY AGAINST MULTI_RESISTANT SUPER BUGS PARTICULARLY—-MRSA from eye and other clinical sources.
-Antimicrobial and Clinical uses of “Honey” for their Antimicrobial Activity and MEDICINAL USES specially in Ophthalmology and Surgery, Paediatrics, Dentistry, Gynaecology, Plastic surgery, ENT ,Unani Medicines and related fields.
-Clinical Applications of ANTIMICROBIAL PHOTODYNAMIC THERAPY (a PDT) in combating multi-resistant pathogens.


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