Welcome Dr. Shicheng Guo to Join Journal of Stroke Research

Dr. Shicheng Guo
Department of Bioengineering,
The University of California, San Diego,
9500 Gilman Drive MC 0412, La Jolla, CA, USA.

Biography & Research Interest

Welcome Dr. Shicheng Guo to Join the Editorial Board of Journal of Stroke ResearchDr. Shicheng Guo’s research interests and activities mainly centered around the following areas: 1) Susceptibility or heritability components of complex disease (such as stroke) derived from genetic (SNP, CNV) and epigenetic variation (DNA methylation). 2) Screening, early diagnosis and prognosis model for complex disease (stroke) identification or surveillance. 3) Stroke biomarker research strategy leveraged by high dimensional genome-wide genetic or epigenetic dataset based on microarray or next generation sequencing. 4) Novel stroke cancer related DNA methylation aberrant detection methods develop (bisulfite free detection) and analysis method (Functional based analysis method). 5) Relationship between elements of genome and epigenome and the interaction routine among environment factors with genetic and epigenetic variations in stroke.

Key words of interest:

Epigenetics, Epidemiology, Biomarker, Heterogeneity, Heritability, Genetic Susceptibility, Prediction Model, Risk factors. 



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