Welcome Dr. Shittu Lukeman Adelaja Joseph

Dr. Shittu Lukeman Adelaja Joseph

Biography & Research Interest

Welcome Dr. Shittu Lukeman Adelaja Joseph to Join the Editorial Board of American Journal of Scientific Research and Essays.


Dr. Shittu is a medical graduate (MD) with masters in Anatomy (reproductive endocrinology) and MBA in healthcare management. He has obtained other diplomas especially in clinical research (CCRP) and with about 12 years of full-term experience in medical and clinical research, teaching and demonstration of human anatomy to various categories of students especially as a doctor trainer in a few medical schools abroad.

He is endowed with a strong leadership and organizational skills that were acquired over the years including being a lead investigator of a Sesame Research Group in Nigeria.

He further has the ability to work in a cooperative, multidiscipline setting with excellent communication skills, good organizational and time management skills, a good judgment, dependability and integrity skills with excellent computer skills, professional appearance and demeanor.

He was recently awarded an outstanding professor and researcher with extra-ordinary ability by the US Government (2015) amongst other awards of academic excellence received in the past.


Dr Shittu has taught and demonstrated human anatomy with computer based software and agility to medical students as a doctor trainer in a few medical schools abroad. His academic profile, medical education publications and some of his computer based  lectures notes are freely available on-line for download worldwide.

He started his medical career in University of Lagos and went to Lagos State University for his postgraduate education in Anatomy where he was a tenure lecturer of Anatomy for about 8 years. He later joined University of Abuja Medical as a tenure senior lecturer and head of department before joining Benue State University medical school as a tenure professor (associate) and College Board of Governors’ member in 2010.

Based on his exemplary research works on medicinal benefits of organic plants as referenced in other researchers’ patent works, he was privileged to have various invitations in the past to join other research groups abroad such as Malaysia, Pakistan and India.

Professor Shittu`s outstanding contributions to medical education as a tenure professor (associate) of Anatomy and medical research for over 10 years now is hereby presented under the following categories.


 Professor Shittu has been an active member of Anatomical Society of Nigeria since 2001, where he served in the executive position in 2006 as Assistant Secretary General for 4 years and made tremendous contributions to the International Federation of Associations of Anatomists (IFAA) newsletters “PLEXUS” for the same period. He has also been an active member of African Society for Bioinformatics and Computational Biology               (ASBCB) and International Society for Computational Biology (ISCB, USA), since 2009.

Both the IFAA and ISCB are organizations composed of members that have distinguished themselves in their respective fields and have won various awards including Nobel Prizes in different categories in the past, such as Michael Levitt, 2013 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry, among others. Prof. Shittu is also a member of Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (FASEB) since 2009.

In addition, Prof. Shittu has won various travel fellowship awards in the past from ASBCB/ISCB, RECOMB/ISCB and Weizmann Bioinformatics Group /Israel UNESCO as a distinguished scholar to attend various scientific meetings in Israel, Portugal, and Africa (Mali). A list of his membership affiliations is enclosed herewith for your perusal.


 Professor Shittu is a seasoned scholar and has made significant original contribution to the field of medical education (teaching and research) over the past decade ( since, 2001). He has authored over 40 scholarly articles and more than two books. In particular, one book of interest was published by LAP Lambert, USA on Amazon.com (http://www.amazon.com/Reproductive-impacts-sesame-leaves-lignans/dp/3838382064)      and translated into several different languages worldwide. The other book, Phytochemicals as Nutraceuticals – Global Approaches to Their Role in Nutrition and Health, is an open- access book published by Intech Publisher Croatia.

His book, Reproductive Impacts of Sesame Leaves Lignans in Adult Males SD Rats: Mechanisms and Stereological Evidence of Sesame Phytoestrogenic Lignans Impacts on Sprague Dawley Rats Testis and Epididymis was accepted by the publisher on the conviction that the work makes “a significant contribution to medical education and research …”

Without doubt, the book makes an original contribution to the discipline as the first real scholarly effort to organize, analyze and synthesize materials pertaining to health and medicinal benefits of black sesame (sesame radiatum) leaves on animals and humans alike. It is little wonder therefore that the work has stimulated scholarly researches around the globe and has become a focal point for drug formulation and prescription at both local and international levels worldwide.

Enthusiastically, the proof of the importance of Professor Shittu’s books is partially provided by the fact that a number of scholars/researchers and students continue to rely on them through the libraries of major research universities and medical schools in many countries including the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, South Africa, Madagascar, Korea, the Netherlands, Canada, Australia, South America and Middle East.In addition, it is worthy of emphasis that the book chapter- “Improved Fertility Potential and Antimicrobial Activities of Sesame Leaves Phytochemicals in Phytochemicals as Nutraceuticals – Global Approaches to Their Role in Nutrition and Health-” by virtue of its open access and relevance to medical research has gained a lot of readability, registering about 3000 downloads this year alone with USA, Japan, China, Nigeria and United Kingdom being the top 5 download places among other nations worldwide.


 Professor Shittu’s erudition as a scholar has been reflected in a number of publications in widely-read professional publications. His many years of engaging in cutting-edge interdisciplinary work have produced many influential works.  His uncanny ability to integrate principles of qualitative and quantitative analysis in reproductive biology, endocrinology, anatomy, fertility, bioinformatics and stereology  in medical research and education has met with the admiration of his peers and subordinates and earned him unusual international acclaim in international medical research compliance with over 40 publications to his credit.

A list of his publications in several international scientific peer-reviewed journals as cited and reflected on his Google scholar pages are attached herewith to highlight the title, date, authors, circulation mode, and intended audience (general public) of the published materials.


 Professor Shittu and his research works have been the focus of publications in professional and major domestic and international media.  His scholarship has been reviewed and celebrated worldwide.  Because of the undisputed relevance of his work as a scholar, he has been invited to speak to a variety of audiences on a number of issues relating to reproductive medicine abroad.  He has made guest TV appearances and has been featured in newspaper stories and articles.

Professor Shittu’s works has influenced many authors and students alike; and have been cited in more than 40 articles in different countries worldwide. His research works in general have been adopted as reference materials in libraries or repositories at such institutions as the University of Texas, University of Toronto, University of Chile, University of Pretoria and University of Madagascar among others worldwide.

The broad knowledge that his research works displayed at different scientific meetings in Africa (Mali, Kenya, Nigeria), Europe (Portugal, Germany), Canada, USA (Boston) and Middle East (Israel) and the balance with which he approaches controversial issues (such as roles of phytoestrogens) using both qualitative and quantitative analysis in his various research activities have led to recourse being had to them by people on different sides of the ideological spectrum of the relevance of indigenous herbs (such as phytoestrogens) in reproductive medicine and fertility in general.  Scholars advocating for scientific research change in the previously had dogma towards indigenous herbal roles in medicine have relied on Professor Shittu’s writings in their research inferences. Several scholars have gleaned insights from Shittu`s research works and use them as authority for providing direction toward positive or mutually beneficial scientific dogmatic change for use of indigenous herbs as opposed to synthetic drugs in modern medicine. A list of the several citations as reflected in his Google scholar pages is attached herewith to relate and highlight his contribution in the field of medical research in those published materials.

He is one of a handful of scholars or experts featured in “Marquis`s Who`s Who in the World” 2009 enlistment and in “2000 outstanding Intellectual of the 21st Century by International Biographical Centre”, for 2009 and 2013 enlistment.


Professor Shittu`s significant contribution to teaching and research in medical education for over 10 years now has earned him privileged invitation and participation as an editor, reviewer to several editorial and review boards to numerous scholarly scientific journals in USA, Africa, United Kingdom and Middle East. He was a Local Organizing Committee Secretary to Anatomical Society of Nigeria (ASN) in 2007 with a record breaking success of having highest delegates in attendance with high quality papers presentation till date.  The event has so far served as a template to subsequent conferences in the history of ASN in Africa (Nigeria).

His teaching experience as a professor of anatomy has led to his invitation as external examiner to some medical schools in Africa (Nigeria- UNIMAD, BSU, ABU) to judge medical students and final year anatomy students in their second professional –MBBS II examination and dissertation clearance at final year.

As a reviewer and editor, Professor Shittu has reviewed several research works in his field and other allied fields based on his research interest and orientation.

Undoubtedly, many prominent scholars and students (especially some of my students that are here pursuing various postgraduate programs up to PhD) through from across the world attest to Professor Shittu’s position as an internationally recognized scholar and a person of extraordinary ability.


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