Welcome Dr. Shivan A.M. Doski to Journal of Modern Economy

Dr. Shivan A.M. Doski
Assistant Professor
Specialization: Corporate Financial Management, University of Duhok

Biography & Research Interest

Welcome Dr. Shivan A.M. Doski to Join the Editorial Board of Journal of Modern Economy.

Dr. Shivan finished his bachelor in business administration (university of Duhok) in 2002, he completed his M.Sc. degree also in business administration (Mosul university) in 2006, and he finished PhD degree in business administration (Utara Universiti Malaysia) in 2012. He got his academic title (Assistant Professor) in April 2017.
He works at university of Duhok since 2006, and he is teaching at Nawruz university since 2013, he worked for the American university of Kurdistan for one semester (2015-2016), and worked for Cihan university-Duhok for one year. He prepared projects budgets for few NGOs; he also participated in few local and international academic conferences. He published more than (10) academic articles and taught postgraduate and undergraduate students (PhD & M.Sc.) on entrepreneurship, management, and few other academic courses. He has interests in developing the local communities and NGOs through imposing the academic ideas into the local culture. He reviewed more than 55 research articles for local and international journals. He worked as evaluator and member in VIVA committees for M.Sc. degrees in management, accounting and finance.
He worked voluntarily with Bojeen NGO for IDP between March–July 2014 and with Dust NGO for Yazidis displaced between Jan–August 2015, and organized a workshop for IDP in Sharya distract in Duhok in 2015. He voluntarily organized a workshop for PDK managers in December 2017. He presented seminars voluntarily at Cihan, Duhok and Nawroz Universities in years 2016 and 2017
entitled (Kurdish Business Protocol & Etiquettes). He works as volunteer for Kurdistan project (sponsored by Duhok governorate) since September 2017 until now.

Academic Qualification
Doctor of Business Administration (Financial Management & Financial Markets) (UUM) Malaysia from February 2009 to December 2012
Thesis Tittle: The Role of Risk-Taking in Moderating the Influence of Ownership Structure and Selected Economic Factors on Stock Market in Turkey.
M.Sc. (Business Administration) (University of Mosul) from October 2004 to November 2006
Thesis Tittle: Earnings Management as Approach for Maximizing Organization Value: Empirical Study on Selected Arabic Financial Institutions during 2002-2005
B.Sc. (Business Administration) (University of Duhok) from October 1998 to July 2002
Graduation Project Tittle: Optimization of Health Care Service Quality in AZADI General Hospital in Duhok City during 1999-2001

Workshops & Courses Attended
• Lecturing Methods Workshop 5/7/2008 in UoD.
• Research Talk Design for a Good Research 10 November 2009. UUM.
• UBS Accounting (Practical) 21 to 25 December 2009.UUM.
• Leadership Workshop” Career Development Program in 5 April 2009.
• UUM Professional Journal Writing Seminar, 2010, Malaysia.
• Research Methods Workshop, 2010, Malaysia.
• Introduction to Research in UUM College of Business. April 2010, Malaysia.
• Planning and Managing a PhD Research and Working with Supervisor. May 2010, Malaysia.
• Identifying Research Topic and Research Gap .September 2010, Malaysia.
• Introduction to Quantitative Research .October 2010, Malaysia.
• Introduction to Qualitative Research .December 2010, Malaysia.
• Carrying Out a Literature Review. December 2010, Malaysia.
• NVivo 7 Workshop, QSR Pty Ltd., Malaysia, 2011, Malaysia.
• Modeling and Analyzing Data using SPSS .March 2011, Malaysia.
• Academic Article Writing Course, 2011, Malaysia.
• Survey Instrument Development. 16 October 2012, Malaysia.
• Seminar on developing the Business Administration Department Curriculum in 2013-2014.

Publications (Articles & Conferences)
Doski, S.A.M., Al-Jameel, S.K. (2008). Earning Management as an Approach to Maximize Value of Organization Applied in a Sample of Arabic Financial Institutes. Tanmiat Al-Rafidain, 90(30): 27-56.
Omer, B.M.R.,Asaad, Z.A., & Mohamed, S.A.M., (2010). Evaluate the Standard of Innovative Behavior in Kurdistan Region Ministry. European Journal of Social Sciences, 16(4), 568-579.
Doski, S.A.M., Marane, B.M., & Asaad, Z.A. (2013). Analyzing Growth Strategies of Banking Sectors: A Case Study on Kurdistan International Bank. Research Journal of Finance & Accounting, 4(18): 110-126.
Doski, S.A.M. (2014). The Effect of Initial Public Offering on Company Performance: A Case Study on Asia Cell in Kurdistan Region. Research Journal of Finance & Accounting. 5(18): 103-117.
Doski, S.A.M. (2015). The Necessity of Issuing Corporate Governance Code for the Kurdistan Region. Journal of Finance and Accountancy, 18: 1-19.
Doski, S.A.M. (2015). Startup Businesses in Kurdistan Region: Analyzing the Obstacles of Startup New Businesses by Young Entrepreneurs. International Scientific Conference, “Economy Today: Interdisciplinary Approach to Contemporary Economic Challenges”, March 12-13, 2015, Lodz, Poland.
Doski, S.A.M., & Ali, A.M. (2015). Obstacles to Startup Businesses by graduate students; Empirical Study on the Potential Graduate Students from Business Administration Department. The Second International Scientific Conference for University Human Development (UHD), Sulaymaniyah, Kurdistan Region, North Iraq.
Doski, S.A.M., Mohammed, D.S., & Mohammed, M.A. (2015). Iraq Stock Market Development & Economic Growth. International Conference on Institutions, Reforms and Economic Development Peking University, Beijing, China, September 19-20, 2015.
Doski, S.A.M., & Ali, A.M. (2015). Economic Variables and Stock Market: A Sectorial Analysis in Iraq Stock Exchange. Technical University of Ostrava, faculty of Economics, Department of Finance conference in Ostrava – Mariánskéhory, Czech Republic, between 6-9 September 2015.
Doski, S.A.M. (2016). The Investors’ Trading Behavior & Political Events: Sectorial Evidence from Iraq Stock Exchange. Erbil Polytechnic University Journal, 6(3); PP: 405-434.
Doski, S.A.M. (2017). Adoption of IFRS in Iraq: Analysis on banks listed on Iraq stock exchange. Journal of Finance, Forthcoming.


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