Welcome Dr. Shyamapada Mandal

Dr.  Shyamapada Mandal
Associate Professor and Head,
Department of Zoology,
Laboratory of Microbiology and Experimental Medicine,
University of Gour Banga, Malda-732 103, India

Biography & Research Interest
Welcome Dr.  Shyamapada Mandal to join the Editorial Board of Journal of Herbal Medicine Research. Dr.  Shyamapada Mandal is presently employed as Associate Professor and Head in Department of Zoology at Laboratory of Microbiology and Experimental Medicine of University of Gour Banga, Malda-732 103, India. Dr.  Mandal’s current studies focus on molecular epidemiology of bacterial drug resistance, infectious diseases (bacterial, viral and parasitic), public health, food science, combined chemotherapy, phytomedicine and probiotics, vector control and management, and bioremediation.


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