Welcome Dr. Sonny Koeshendrajana to American Journal of Marine Research and Reviews

Dr. Sonny Koeshendrajana
Center for Marine and Fisheries Social & Economics Research,
Agency for Marine and Fisheries Research and Development, Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fsheries – Indonesia

Biography & Research Interest

Welcome Dr. Sonny Koeshendrajana to join the Editorial Board of American Journal of Marine Research and Reviews.

Prof Dr Koeshendrajana has vast working experience in Asia and Australia. By training he is a fisheries resource economist, and his work revolves around modelling, resource valuation, co-management of fisheries and aquaculture development. His current position is the coordinator of the management of marine and fisheries resource dynamic group. He has worked on a number of international collaborative projects, including ‘Fisheries rehabilitation in tsunami affected Indonesia: community needs assessment and resource status’, a collaborative research project of the WorldFish Center-ACIAR-CRCF – Syah Kuala University (UNSYIAH), ‘Economic and Market Analysis of the Live Reef Fish Food Trade in Asia Pacific’ and ‘Culture, Capture Conflict: Sustaining Fish Production and Livelihoods in Indonesian Reservoir’ of the ACIAR.  He was also joining the collaborative project between FAO and UNSYIAH in the area of fisheries post harvest topic and acted as a national consultant for FAO in developing the National MediumTerm Priority Framework (NMTPF) for Indonesia Agriculture, including Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries. He has experienced to lead the project on the topic related to fisheries resource valuation and panel research on the marine and fisheries in Indonesia.  He was also involved in the selection committee of the PEW’s Marine Project. Currently he is a senior advisory committee of the Marine and Fisheries Social Economic Research.


Ph.D. Resource Economics                                University of New England, Australia (1997)

MSc. Agric. Resource Economics                     Kasetsart University, Bangkok – Thailand (1991)

Ir. Fisheries Socioeconomics                             Bogor Agricultural University/IPB, Indonesia (1984)

Research Interest

Modelling of the fishery & aquaculture management

Resource Economics


Supply & Demand          


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