Welcome Dr. Srikanth Boinapally to Scientific Research and Reviews

Dr. Srikanth Boinapally
Department of Radiology, School of Medicine, JHU

Biography & Research Interest

Welcome Dr. Srikanth Boinapally to Join the Editorial Board of Scientific Research and Reviews.

 CSIR-JRF (2007-2008)
 CSIR-SRF (2009-2012)
 Mairie De Paris Post-Doctoral Grant (Feb 2015-Jan 2016)

 Poster presentation in the International conference on “ASIAN SYMPOSIUM ON MEDICINAL PLANTS, SPICES AND OTHER NATURAL PRODUCTS”- (ASOMPS) XIII, held at IICT, Hyderabad, India (Nov 3-6, 2008).
 Oral Presentation in “93rd Chemical Society of Japan Annual Meeting” in Kyoto, Japan (22nd- 25th March 2013).
 Participated in “Stimuli-responsive Chemical Species for the Creation of Functional Molecules” at Meilparque Hiroshima, Japan (26th-27th March 2013).
 Poster presentation in “24th symposium on physical organic chemistry” at Gakushuin University, Tokyo (5th -7th September 2013).
 Oral Presentation in “94th Chemical Society of Japan Annual Meeting” in Nagoya University, Japan (27th-30th March 2014).

– Synthesis and photochemical reactivity of caged glutamates with π-extended coumarin chromophore as a photolabile protecting group, Yuya Sakamoto, Srikanth Boinapally, Claudine Katan, Manabu Abe*, Tetrahedron Letters, 2013, 54, 7171-7174.
-Caged Glutamates with -Extended 1,2-Dihydronaphthalene Chromophore: Design, Synthesis, Two-Photon Absorption Property and Photochemical Reactivity, Srikanth Boinapally, Bo Huang, Manabu Abe*, Claudine katan, Jun Noguchi, satoshi Watanabe, Haruo kasai, Bing Xue and Takayoshi Kobayashi, J. Org. Chem. 2014, 79, 7822-7830.
-Elaboration of Sterically Hindered δ-Lactones through Ring-Closing Metathesis: Application to the Synthesis of the C1−C27 Fragment of Hemicalide, Camille Lecourt, Srikanth Boinapally, Sabrina Dhambri, Guillaume Boissonnat, Christophe Meyer, Janine Cossy, Francois Sautel, Georges Massiot, Janick Ardisson, Geoffroy Sorin*, Marie-Isabelle Lannou*, J. Org. Chem. 2016, 81, 12275-12290.


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