Welcome Dr. Süleyman Taban to American Journal of Agricultural Research

Prof.Dr. Süleyman Taban
Department of Soil Science and Plant Nutrition,
Ankara University, Ankara-TURKEY

Biography & Research Interest

Welcome Prof.Dr. Süleyman Taban to Join the Editorial Board of American Journal of Agricultural Research. Prof.Dr. Suleyman TABAN has worked various positions during his carrier such as Head of Department at Department of Soil Science and Plant Nutrition (February 2002- October 2005), Dean, Faculty of Arts and Sciences-Kastamonu University-Turkey (July 2007-July 2010), Vice Rector of Kastamonu University (February 2008-July 2010), board member of Inter-University Council of Turkey (August 2007- July 2010). Prof.Dr. Suleyman TABAN’s Research Area Plant Physiology, Stress Physiology, Plant Nutrition, Organic fertilizer and Production, Soil Fertility and Fertilization, Determination Methods of Heavy Metal in both Soil and Plant. ICP-OES technique.


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