Welcome Dr.Tahani Mohammed Alabous

Dr.Tahani Mohammed Alabous

Associate professor,
World Islamic University

Biography & Research Interest

Welcome Dr.Tahani Mohammed Alabous to Join the Editorial Board of American Journal of Educational Research and Reviews. Dr.Tahani Mohammed Alabous is an Associate professor in World Islamic University.


Good experience in INEE( Minimum Standards for Education in Emergencies chronic Crises and early Reconstruction)

Good experience in Environmental education focused on fresh Water environment For Tertiary level teaching Staff.

Good experience in facilitating and chairing meetings, workshops and professional exchange activities in ministry of Education International Project (ERfKE ).

Having Ability to contribute to strategy development and to translate strategies/policies into programs and projects on the ground.

Building capacity of Moe staff on how to put performance indicator.

Training Supervisors, Principals, and Teachers on self assessment, performance indicator.

Experience in building education policy for Moe in cooperation with CIDA / bearing point.

Experience in developing tools for learning resources / performance indicator.

Curriculum and education method program included :

  1. Intensive course in Curriculum between theory and applied.
  2. Courses in education strategy.
  3. Courses in content analysis.
  4. courses in science education

Environmental chemistry and Planning Program included:

  • Intensive course in Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) which include preparation of certain term papers for doing (EIA) for any project example.
  1. Water Quality Monitoring and Management
  2. Sanitary Land fills (Solid waste disposal)
  3. Waste water treatment plant (Liquid waste disposal)


  • Courses in Soil chemistry which dealt with soil problems, causes and solutions, the relationship between water quality, irrigation techniques and soil quality (salinity and sodality problems)
  • Courses in Natural Resources Planning and Management
  • Courses in Environmental Economics; How to find specific value of environment deterlrorated by numbers to reflect the importance of it.
  • Courses in Applied Statistics
  • Courses in Analysis of soil, water and plant which dealt with soil, water, plant problems, how to find the problem by choice the good parameter  in the analysis of soil water, plant sample.
  • Experience in how to design the field experiment by prepare the soil and the environment around it, and how to face any problem in the field if face us in any time.
  • Experience how to deal with the student in lab, how to reach to their idea, to make them understand subject which I am teaching them


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