Welcome Dr Talha Harcar to American Journal of Transportation and Logistics

Dr Talha Harcar 
Professor of Marketing and International Business
Department of Business Administration, Penn State University, Beaver Campus, Monaca, Pennsylvania, USA

Biography & Research Interest

Welcome Dr Talha Harcar to Join the Editorial Board of American Journal of Transportation and Logistics.

Dr Talha Harcar is a tenured Full Professor and Business Program Coordinator at Penn State University at Beaver Campus. His teaching focuses on Marketing, and International Business. Previously he has worked at Istanbul University, Turkey, Brandon University, Canada, University of Massachusetts Center for Business Research and Competitiveness, Bank of Boston, Met Life and Ontario New Home Warranty Program, Duy Tan University, Vietnam, Al Akhawayn University, Morocco. He has published over thirty five articles in different international and national journals. During his Penn State career he served in several campus and college level committees including disciplinary rep for Campus P&T committee. He has mentored Business junior faculty members on P & T related matters and involved peer-review process of several business and other disciplinary faculty. He received my Ph.D. at the University of Istanbul (AACSB Accredited), MBA at University of Massachusetts and MS at Istanbul University concentrated in Marketing Research.

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12 (1), 30-42.


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