Welcome Dr Tan Seok Tyug to International Journal of Communications and Networks

Dr Tan Seok Tyug
Department of Healthcare Professional, Faculty of Health and Life Sciences, Management and Science University

Biography & Research Interest

Welcome Dr Tan Seok Tyug to Join the Editorial Board of International Journal of Communications and Networks.

1. Golden Key International Honour Society: Member
2. Nutrition and Community Health Society: Member
3. Nutrition Society of Malaysia (NSM): Member

1. SILVER MEDAL. Polyphenols Powder: Creating the Value of Guava Puree Industrial Waste. Research, Invention and Innovation Exhibition, UPM. July 2010.
2. Graduate Research Fellowship, 2008-2011. Awarded by UPM for PhD study.
3. Young Investigator’s Symposium. Best Oral Presentation Award 2008. Awarded by Nutrition Society of Malaysia, 27-28 March 2008.
4. Five Deans Lists 2005-2008. Awarded by UPM in undergraduate study.

Grants Awarded
Hypoglycaemic Properties of Bioactive Compounds Derived from Sugarcane Bagasse. Project Leader; Completed
Use of Isolated Plant Organelles as Food for Farmed Fish. Project Leader; On-going
Identification and Comparative Study on Individual Bioactive Compounds Derived from Different Parts of Underutilised Nephelium mutabile Blume. Member; Completed

1) HPLC (High Performance Liquid Chromatography)
2) GC (Gas Chromatography)
3) UV-Vis Spectrophotometer
4) Tissue culture techniques and cell banking
5) Mammalian cell quantification using hemacytometer for cell viability assessment
6) Mammalian cell manipulation: Cytotoxicity assay, Proliferation assay
7) DNA and RNA works
8) PCR: Reverse transcriptase
9) Gel documentation and quantitative assessment
10) Protein-related works: extraction from mammalian cells, quantification, SDS-PAGE, western blots, dot blots and chemilluminescence
11) Protein analysis via immunohistochemistry
12) Cellular immunology assays
14) Rotary evaporator
15) Freeze dryer
16) Homogenizer
17) Antioxidant activity assays
18) Proximate analyses
19) Animal experimentation and inoculation techniques, animal models of human diseases, experimental animal pathologies and associated techniques

Field: Nutritional Sciences, Nutrigenomic, Antioxidant, Phenolics, Molecular Biology, Biotechnology, Community Nutrition

Current Research interest: Fat and oils; Underutilised fruits and vegetables; Diabetes; Obesity; Antioxidants; Gene therapy; Nutrigenomics


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