Welcome Dr. Vaibhav Sundriyal to Research Journal of Mathematics and Computer Science

Dr. Vaibhav Sundriyal
Research Scientist
Old Dominion University research Foundation, USA

Biography & Research Interest

Welcome Dr. Vaibhav Sundriyal to Join the Editorial Board of Research Journal of Mathematics and Computer Science.

Computer architecture, Power aware computing, RTL Design, Parallel Computing

Ph.D., Computer Engineering August 2009- December 2013 Iowa State University (ISU), IA, USA
B.Tech., Electronics and Communication Engineering July 2003-July 2007 Vellore Institute of Technology, India

1. Achieving Energy Savings in Intel KNL through DVFS
The Intel KNL platform does not support software controlled DVFS but instead provides upper and lower power thresholds to limit the power consumption of the device. Power and performance models are pro-posed to attain energy savings in native mode execution on KNL for various applications.
2. Assessing Impact of Socket Level DVFS in Multicore platforms
The latest Intel Haswell-EP processors support the per core P-state feature but processor generations before that tend to support socket level DVFS. But, most of the energy saving strategies have generally ignored that feature. In this work, the impact of ignoring the socket level DVFS in a frequency scaling based energy saving strategy is studied by constructing a variety of workloads.
3. Joint Frequency Scaling of Processor and DRAM
Developing performance models for parallel applications based on variation in processor and DRAM power consumption and runtime application of processor and DRAM DVFS to maximize energy savings.
4. Optimal P-State Determination
Modeling energy consumption for a parallel system along with performance an determining an optimal frequency which would minimize the energy consumption by using a quartic equation based model.


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