Welcome Dr. Weitao LIU to Journal of Modern Economy

Dr. Weitao LIU
Guangzhou Academy of Social Scinces (GZASS); Guangzhou Urban Strategy Institute (GZUSI)

Biography & Research Interest

Welcome Dr. Weitao LIU to Join the Editorial Board of Journal of Modern Economy.

Research project
[1] 2009 Participate in the Beijing University rural financial research, Data collection
[2] 2010 Participate in the National social science fund “Multiple Imbalances Under the Pattern of High-speed Economic Growth Sustainability and Stability Research”
[3] 2010 Participate in the translation (Dixit “Theory of International Trade”), Translation proofreading
[4] 2011 Participate in Xiangtan University-China Rural Development Research Center- “Thousand Village Survey”, Data collection
[5] 2013.12-2017.12 Guangdong Province Philosophy and Social Science Planning Project: Pearl River Delta Urban Agglomeration Division of Labor and Coordinated Development Model Research, Participants
[6] 2014.9-2016.9 Key Project of “Theoretical Guangdong Army” in Guangdong Province: Research on Theoretical and Practical Issues of Government Negative List Management, Participants, Part of report authors
[7] 2015.4-2015.7 The People’s Bank of China Jiamusi Branch Office of Financial Stability Division of Youth Issues: Rural Cooperative Financial Institutions in The Context of The Restructuring of Operational Risk and Financial Supervision Research, Participants, Part of report authors
[8] 2015.6-2016.6 Blue Book Research Project of Guangdong International Economic and Trade Research Center: Research on Utilization of Foreign Capital and Development of Guangdong Advanced Equipment Manufacturing Industry, Project leader, Report author
[9] 2015.9-2016.9 Jinan University “Challenge Cup” Students Extracurricular Academic Science and Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition Project: The Government’s Negative List Management Theory and Practice Research, Project leader, Report author
[10] 2015.9-date The Ministry of Education Humanities and Social Sciences Youth Fund Project: Service Enterprise Heterogeneity Perspective of China’s Service Industry Internationalization
Model and Economic Effects, Main participants
[11] 2016.3-2016.6 Project Entrusted by Management Committee of Nansha Development Zone, Guangzhou city, Guangdong province: Development Plan of Nansha Park, Cross-border
Electronic Commerce Comprehensive Experimental Zone, Participant, Part of report authors
[12] 2016.4-2016.7 The People’s Bank of China Jiamusi Branch Office of the Financial Stability Division of the Youth Project: Land Transfer Intermediary Organization Implementation Analysis,
Participants, Part of report authors
[13] 2017.5-2017.11 Qingyuan City United Front Work Department Youth Project: Rural Teacher Resource Allocation Research, Main participants, Part of report authors
[14] 2017.6-2017.9 Qingyuan Polytechnic Teaching Reform Project: Higher Vocational Education and Regional Industrial Balanced Development, Participants, Part of report authors
[15] 2017.6-2017.11 China (Guangdong) Pilot Free Trade Zone Research Institute of Jinan University: Research on the Management of Special Negative List of Hongkong and Macao Service Industry Access in Guangdong Free Trade Zone, Participants, Part of report authors
[16] 2017.6-2017.11 Blue Book Research Project of Guangdong International Economic and Trade Research Center: Guangdong Processing Trade 40 Years Review and Future Prospects, Project leader, Research author
[17] 2018.01-present Higher Education Teaching Research and Reform Project: Guangdong Province Applied Undergraduate Colleges and Universities Personnel Training Mode Innovative Undertaking Research, Major participants
[18] 2018.06-present Qingyuan City Science and Technology Plan Project: Urban Function Division of Labor Under the Background of Open Innovation System Construction-based on Qingyuan City Industry Analysis and Research, Second head
[19] 2018.6-present Guangzhou Economic Work Committee of National People’s Congress Commissioned Project: Guangzhou Business Environment Comprehensive Evaluation and Optimization Research, Main participants
[20] 2018.07-present Youth Ministry of Education of Humanities and Social Science Fund Project: Based on the Perspective of Collective Reputation Division of the National Quality Status Formation Mechanism, and Policy Implications of the Empirical Testing Research, Participants
[21] 2018.08-present Branch of Guangdong Province Academy of Social Sciences Project: The Equalization of Public Service Under the Perspective of Qingyuan City High Quality Education Resources Research, Main participants


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