Welcome Dr. Zinchenko Viktor Viktorovich to American Journal of Financial Management

Dr. Zinchenko Viktor Viktorovich
Principal research scientist of the Institute of Higher Education of the National Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine;
Professor of the department of management and innovative technologies of social and cultural activities of the National Pedagogical Dragomanov University;
Head of the Department of Management of the Ukrainian Institute of Arts and Sciences;

Biography & Research Interest

Welcome Dr. Zinchenko Viktor Viktorovich  to Join the Editorial Board of American Journal of Financial Management.

Dr. Zinchenko Viktor Viktorovich Has a member of The Philosophical Pedagogy Association (European Union), & the full member of Towarzystwa Pedagogiki Filozoficznej im. Bronisława Trentowskiego (Poland).

Author of 300 scientific works (monographs, books, chapters of scientific books, translations, scientific articles in domestic, foreign and international scientific journals), including those reflected in the international scientometric databases and international ratings scientific citations Scopus, Web of Science,Index Copernicus International, Genamics JournalSeek, Mendeley, Ulrich’s Periodicals Directory,Global Impact Factor, International Scientific Indexing, ResearchBib, Taylor & Francis, Thomson Reuters, Единое окно доступа к образовательным ресурсам, Google Scholar, SciPeople.com, Интегрум, ibooks.ru, Genamics JournalSeek, Thomson Reuters, Российский индекс научного цитирования (РИНЦ), RePEcs, CiteFactor, EBSCO publishing and others.

Research interests:
 institutional processes of globalization, geopolitics, social philosophy of education, philosophy of the systemic, international and administrative management, social philosophy of global social transformations.

Research activity is devoted to the analysis of contemporary institutional trends of globalization, geo-economics, geopolitics and international relations at various levels of self-organization, models of effective management systems development in the environment of the international community and global community, social-philosophical problems of international economics and international relations, internationalization and globalization of education assays, theorizing of critical philosophy of education, the conceptualization of modern social philosophy of education, philosophy of globalization, the study of the institutional dimension of global social transformation of social development, the formation of the author’s model of «global integrative paradigm of social philosophy, education, training and management», the further development of the concept of global stages of social development and its components.

Field of research and research interests: institutional trends and social transformation and development of alternative globalization, the current world model of effective public and state management/self-management systems, civic problems and institutionalization of social engineering in social philosophy, social management and public self-conceptualization of the synergy model – communicative and dialogic education and multidisciplinary theory of education – educology – in the philosophy of education, modeling of the institutionalization of civil society development and systematic analysis of substantive, structural and functional characteristics of the institutional transformation of social and economic systems in the context of globalization.
Areas of analysis and quest of scientific research methodological bases – 
1)modern concepts and schools of «social philosophy of education» and«critical philosophy of education»;
2) development of theoretical and practical models methodology of«deliberative management» in the philosophy of management;
3) The critical theory of socio-economic studies and formed on the basis of its social ontology of globalization and comparative analysis of non-classical concepts of the study of evolution, dynamics, and development of alternative institutions of socio-economic systems in the framework of globalization in the conceptions of depending («dependent development») and«peripheral capitalism», and conceptions of socio-cultural diffusion andhyper-diffusion, macro-social conceptions, theories of «late capitalism» and«post-imperialism», world-system theory;
4) The system processes and global civil institutionalization in the comprehension of methodological principles and ideas of «social deliberativity», «social subsidiarity», libertarian communitarianism.


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