Welcome Elemasetty Uday Kiran to Global Journal of Artificial Intelligence

Elemasetty Uday Kiran
Institute of Aeronautical engineering

Biography & Research Interest

Welcome Elemasetty Uday Kiran to Join the Editorial Board of Global Journal of Artificial Intelligence.

 To enhance a level of education it gives admired learning to be in excellence crew Continuity in the stage of learning started revealing the technologies with creativity.
 Massive interest in designing the circuits for the modules in single end and double end for leaded and surface mounted devices (smd) versions.
 In depth with the ways of understanding technical errors and solving solutions. Prolonged in self motivated to think with extended technologies and functionality replaced in different areas.
 Skills in development the design by implementing various creative applications by introducing the mathematical higher order equations with systematic functions.
 Supportive for transferring the technology and to improve the stages of designed innovations with perfect analogy.

 System and Method for Generating Electric Power to an Electric Vehicle
 Operating and Control System for a Trike Vehicle
 System and Method for Monitoring and Providing Electric Power to Power unit

 International union of Radio science
 International society of space science
 International Association of Engineers
 Asia society of researchers
 Scientific and Technical Research Association
 Space Development Nexus
 International society of applied mathematics
 IEEE Council on Electronic Design Automation
 IEEE Council on RFID
 IEEE Sensors Council
 Teaching & Education Research Association

 Power Electronics with mosfets and fin field effect transistors (Finfet).
 Intelligent control with damping factors and time ratios.
 Artificial intelligence with impulse ratios and connecting devices.
 Power systems and relay control units with arno converters.
 State of charge and state of discharge power in electric vehicles.
 Finite and infinite impulse response for poles and zeros in transfer functions.
 Machine interface for non linear boundary elements in singular integrals with Cauchy
and Bayesian analysis.
 Interfacing sepic and zeta converters to controlling magnitude resistance.
 Electromagnetic interface units with multiple source of nano connectivity.
 Stability and control techniques for levelling the grades of magnetic waves.

 Special teaching interest in mathematics and physics from basics to higher levels.
 Efficient to teach English for the better communications.


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