Welcome Dr Slavoljub Vujovic to International Journal of Industrial and Business Management

Prof. Dr. Slavoljub Vujovic
Senior Research Associate, BBS, Belgrade

Biography & Research Interest

Welcome Prof. Dr. Slavoljub Vujovic to Join the Editorial Board of International Journal of Industrial and Business Management.

Doctor Slavoljub Vujovic was born in 1967 in the village of Zasada, Eastern Herzegovina, state Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Republic of Serbian entity. Elementary and high school he finished in Trebinje city.

He graduated the Faculty of Economics and Master studies at University of Belgrade, and doctoral degrees at the Faculty of Sciences, University of Novi Sad.

Professional State exam for work in state bodies, placed in the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Serbia in Belgrade, December 1996.

From November 1994 to March 2002 worked in the Republic Administration of Public Revenues of the Republic of Serbia in Belgrade in responsible and managerial positions.

Since March 2002 he has been working in education. Working in education since 2002, elected the following teaching (Lecturer, Professional Studies, Assistant Professor and Associate Professor) and scientific titles (Research Fellow and Senior Research Fellow).

Slavoljub Vujovic is Member of the Scientific Society of Agricultural Economists.Member of the Association of Economists of Belgrade. A member of the Association and member of the Board of tourismologists Serbia. He was also a member of the Board of Directors of the Institute of Economics in Belgrade, Director for Research Development, Chairman of the Scientific Council of the Institute and a member of the Publishing Council and Editorial Board of the journal leading national importance-Industry.

Among other things, Slavoljub Vujovic holds a Diploma CPC-Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) for the Road Transport Manager National and International Road Haulage and Passenger Transport-IRU Academy, Switzerland.

He has published a monograph one, three textbooks and two scripts as the author himself, then, two monographs and three textbooks as the first co-author.

The level of international journals announced nine (9) papers, in magazines leading national importance also eight (8) works, then in journals of national lead significance eleven (11) works, and in international meetings and conferences published 36 (thirty six) works level, while in other journals published by 34 (thirty four) work.

Doctor Slavoljub Vujović participated (for paper) in numerous international conferences and conference of, then, was the mentor or committee member for numerous undergraduate, specialist and master works. Among other things, he held several lectures in the country and abroad, then, he was chairman and member of several organizational and scientific committe, scientific conference of the meetings.

Foreign language spoken and written English and uses Russian language.

Since December 2014 he has been working at the Belgrade Business School-College of Professional Studies.

His field of research is the development of aspects of tourism, conditions and the possibility of creating the material basis of tourism, financing the supra construction and infrastructure of the system and the object, that is, the development of touristic economy, then corporate finance in the tourism economy, business aspects and specifics of the tourism market, the multiplier effects of tourism in the light of overall economic development.


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