Analysis of the Effects of the Physical Activity in the Gait of the Bearers of Parkinson: Literature Review

Analysis of the Effects of the Physical Activity in the Gait of the Bearers of Parkinson: Literature Review

Corrêa D.I.M1, Júnior M.A.C.C2, Luna S.L.M3, Santos J.C.A4, Lima C.F5, Barros A.L.S6

1Docente da FASUP e da FUNESO.
2Estudante do curso de medicina da UFPE;
3Estudante do curso de enfermagem da FUNESO;
4Estudante de especialização em saúde coletiva da FUNESO;
5Docente do Departamento de Fisioterapia da UNICAP;
6Ex-Docente da UNICAP.

American Journal of Anatomy and Physiology 2D

Introduction:Parkinson’s disease (PD) is a progressive neuromuscular disorder, which causes a decrease in dopamine in the striatum body, occurring so the PD’s primary signs, among them, bradykinesia and postural instability are those that most interfere in the gait quality of PD patients. Physiotherapy uses physical activity as a therapeutic resource, it doesn’t lead to the disappearance of the disease, but it can help slow its progression. Objective: To analyze, through a review of literature, the effects of the physical activity in the gait of the bearers of the PD. Methodology: The study used scientific articles indexed in the bases of data LILACS, MEDLINE, PUBMED and SCIELO. For discussion, articles were included randomized what used the physical activity like resource therapeutic and when those who had not quite definite protocols and what had several wrapped techniques were excluded. Results and Discussion: In the included studies, patients were initially assessed for functional disability through the scale Hoehn & Yahr or Hoehn & Yahr modified, excluding those at a severe stage of the disease and to evaluate the effects of therapeutic interventions, UPDRS (Unified Scale for PD Assessment) was one of the scales applied before and after treatment in most studies. In view of the four different interventions investigated in the present study: treadmill exercises, resisted and balance, associated with external sensory cues and associated with music therapy, all of them proved to be directly or indirectly effective in the progression of PD patients of the research carried out. Conclusion: It was verified the beneficial effect of physical activity programs on the gait of PD patients, however, they are necessary more studies randomized and with a good quality methodological, because a great variety of techniques have been used by the physiotherapy, there being no a consensus as for the form and necessary duration of the therapy.

Keywords: Parkinson’s disease; Gait; Rehabilitation

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Corrêa D.I.M, Júnior M.A.C.C, Luna S.L.M, Santos J.C.A, Lima C.F, Barros A.L.S.Analysis of the Effects of the Physical Activity in the Gait of the Bearers of Parkinson: Literature Review. American Journal of Anatomy and Physiology, 2018, 1:5

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