Miranda Nava Gabriel1, Gallo Frías Luis Gilberto2, Maria Preciado2

1Department of Neurology, Hospital Center of the Presidential General Staff, Masters in Public Health, Doctor in administration and Public Policies, Mexico
2University of Guadalajara Lamar MD. Social Service.

American Journal of Anatomy and Physiology 2D

Acute mesenteric ischemia refers to a sudden onset of intestinal hypoperfusion, which can be due to a reduction or cessation of arterial inflow leading to cellular damage, intestinal necrosis and eventually death if untreated.[1] The incidence is low, estimated at 0.09-0.2% of all acute surgical admissions [2] , this incidence increases with age having a median age of presentation of 70 years old and has a predispose for women at a 3:1 ratio.[3] Prompt diagnostic and innervation are necessary due to increase mortality rates from 50-80%. Mayor risk factors include atrial fibrillation, recent myocardial infarction, cardiac valvulopathies, hypertension, atherosclerosis, obesity, and tabaco. [4]

Keywords: Toxic megacolon, exploratory laparotomy, superior mesenteric artery ischemia.

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Miranda Nava Gabriel, Gallo Frías Luis Gilberto, Maria Preciado. Superior Mesenteric Artery: Clinical Case.American Journal of Anatomy and Physiology, 2020, 3:13.


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