The vasculature of the stomach and intestinal tract during compression stenosis of the celiac axis

Babayeva R. E.

Azerbaijan Medical University. Department of Human Anatomy and Medical Terminology. Baku. Azerbaijan

At the current moment, there is no single approach regarding diagnostics and after-treatment of compression stenosis of the celiac axis. This work aims to study the state of the vasculature of the stomach and intestinal tract during compression stenosis of the celiac axis. Compression stenosis of the celiac axis is a disease caused by extravasal pressure of the celiac axis of the abdominal aorta applied by the arcuate ligament of the diaphragm, diaphragmatic peduncle, or neurophibromatic tissue of celiac plexus. It presents in chronic abdominal pain, dyspeptic events, and neurovegetative disorders.
This work aims to study the state of the vasculature of the stomach and intestinal tract during compression stenosis of the celiac axis.
Materials and methods. Intraorgan vasculature has been studied – 18 specimens of stomachs and intestinal tracts, gathered during autopsies of dead bodies with compression stenosis of the celiac axis. Autopsie material has been studied sensu L. Reiner. Research has been conducted with angiology, roentgenologic and histologic methods. To achieve the set goal a universal method has been developed, based on classical impregnation methods: intravascular – Ranvier-Goyer, and immersional – Belschowsky-Gros.
Results. The conducted research has allowed locating significant changes of histostructure of microcirculation vessels’ vascular wall: wall shredding, edema of basal membrane, swelling of perivascular connective tissue. Overall the stomach and intestinal tract looked paralytically dilated. The most prominent morphologic changes of microvasculature have been revealed in the pyloric part of the stomach and first intestinal segment of dodecadactylon. In addition to diffuse atrophic changes of the stomach lining and intestinal lining, observed during stenosis of the celiac axis, these changes take the form of helcoid process in separate parts of it.
As a result, the conducted research has allowed exposing prominent changes of histostructure of vascular walls of stomach and intestines during compression stenosis of the celiac axis.

Keywords: vasculature; stomach and intestinal tract; compression stenosis; celiac axis

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Babayeva R. E. The vasculature of the stomach and intestinal tract during compression stenosis of the celiac axis. American Journal of Anatomy and Physiology, 2021,4:16. DOI:10.28933/ajap-2021-01-1005


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