Climate change, biodiversity and agro-biodiversity

Climate change, biodiversity and agro-biodiversity: global view and particular case of Algeria

Rahal-Bouziane Hafida
Researcher at the National Institute of Agronomic Research of Algeria (INRAA) – Baraki – Algiers

American Journal of Agricultural Research

Climate change is a real global threat. The main cause of the current global warming trend is human expansion of the “greenhouse effect”. The biodiversity is a perfect design freely offered for well-being of all humanity; it provides benefits such as food security, resil­iency, health…etc. Agrobiodiversity which is a vital sub-set of biodiversity playing a key role in food security will be increasingly threatened by climate change worldwide. Algeria is among the countries that will be most vulnerable to climate change due to its predominance of arid and semi-arid regions. Despite many efforts taken per Algeria to preserve biodiversity in general, genetic erosion of different ecosystems remains an alarming fact caused by several factors linked for climatic conditions, socio-cultural upheaval, difficulties for application of legislations, lack of consistent programs and adequate mechanisms for the effective implementation of the various strategies to safeguard biodiversity in the widest possible context.

Awareness-raising campaigns on the need to preserve local resources with their diversity, in situ and ex situ conservation, the promotion of resilient crops and systems, the support of research in general and that of development in particular, participatory approach and better collaboration between the various actors in the agricultural and environmental sectors are some options for sustainable development and to lift the challenge of climate change in Algeria.

Keywords:  New challenge; Genetic erosion; Strategies of conservation; Food security

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