Simple Technique to Proof Quality of Tannour Flat bread Flour

Simple Technique to Proof Quality of Tannour Flat bread Flour

Ahmed Salih Khalaf

Department of Field Crops, College of Agriculture, University of Duhok- Iraqi Kurdistan Region

American Journal of Agricultural Research

Two samples of wheat flour from different source; namely, ration card system flour-supplied by Ministry of Trade- Iraq and Hilal brand flour–Turkey; were subjected for quality assessment to making flat bread, using a simple modified technique to ratify baker’s claims.
Results illustrated that the Hilal flour exhibited superior characteristics indices than the ration card flour in producing total liberated, retained CO2 gas, final dough volume after 90 minutes fermentation, dough raising capacity and volume expansion ratio, although both flour were close in wet and dry gluten content %.
Accordingly, the results of this test are coincident with the baker’s claims as they always praised Hilal flour and hated ration flour; meantime these results revealed to the suitability of this technique as rapid, easy and accurate in ratifying flour types for making flat bread.

Keywords: Flour; dough; flat bread; tannour; fermentation; syringe.

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Ahmed Salih Khalaf. Simple Technique to Proof Quality of Tannour Flat bread Flour. American Journal of Agricultural Research, 2018,3:15. DOI: 10.28933/ajar-2018-01-0901

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