Research status and development trend of seed-metering device in China

Research status and development trend of seed-metering device in China

Weipeng Chen, Baochang Zhang, Liling Jiang, Tianyuan Qiu,Linlin Wang, Shandong Yang*

School of Agricultural Engineer and Food Science, Shandong University of Technology, Zibo 255000, China

As the main tool of soybean mechanization production, the performance of soybean seeder is directly related to the sowing quality and yield of soybean.As the core component of the seeder, the soybean seed-metering device directly affects the seeding accuracy, uniformity, seed emergence rate, etc.This article introduces the research status and future development trend of soybean seed-metering devices in China in recent years, analyzes the characteristics of soybean seed-metering devices in China, and provides a basis for the further development of seed metering devices in China.

Keywords: soybean seed-metering device; research status; development trend

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Weipeng Chen, Baochang Zhang, Liling Jiang, Tianyuan Qiu,Linlin Wang, Shandong Yang. Research status and development trend of seed-metering device in China. American Journal of Agricultural Research, 2020, 5:98. DOI: 10.28933/ajar-2020-06-3006


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