Design of Twin Screw Feather Extruder and Study of Screw Parameters

Design of Twin Screw Feather Extruder and Study of Screw Parameters

Haoze Li1, Ping Jiang1, Keying Li1, Huawei Liu1, Ping Zhang1, Guohai Zhang1*

1School of Agricultural Engineering and Food Science, Shandong University of Technology, Zibo, 255000, China.

Poultry feathers are rich in amino acids and keratin resources, which is a kind of protein feed raw materials with high nutritional value. A twin-screw extruder was designed to deal with the environmental damage caused by the shortage of rapidly developing protein feed and the large amount of feather waste in China’s livestock breeding industry. The bulking machine can break the disulfide bond and hydrogen bond in feather keratin to form crude protein which can be absorbed by livestock. A kind of high-protein feed feather powder was developed while protecting the environment. The combination mode and rotation direction between two screws are discussed, the relationship between the key basic parameters of the twin screw is derived by combining the motion principle of the twin screw and the relative geometric position. It provides theoretical basis for determining screw parameters and working condition parameters in the following experimental research.

Keywords: Twin screw extruder; Puffed feather powder; Screw combination; Twin screw structure

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Haoze Li, Ping Jiang, Keying Li, Huawei Liu, Ping Zhang, Guohai Zhang. Design of Twin Screw Feather Extruder and Study of Screw Parameters. American Journal of Agricultural Research, 2020; 5:103. DOI: 10.28933/ajar-2020-09-0605


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