Construction of GIS-based Agricultural Machinery IoT Service Platform

Construction of GIS-based Agricultural Machinery IoT Service Platform

Haibo Sun1, Huawei Liu1, Keying Li1, Ping Zhang1, Yujie Deng1, Guohai Zhang1*

1School of Agricultural Engineering And Food Science, Shandong University of Technology, Zibo, 255000, China.

In recent years, as the information technology becomes mature gradually and the modernized agriculture develops rapidly, the important role of agricultural mechanization in the development of the Internet era has gradually become prominent. As an important part of modernized agriculture development, the agricultural mechanization is also facing management problems caused by the information technology in the Internet era. The information shows new characteristics in the development of agricultural mechanization in the Internet era, such as rapid increase in the amount of information, faster data transmission and processing, more diverse data acquisition and processing methods, more and more complex technologies involved in information processing, and more and more extensive fields. As the information becomes diversified, complex and massive, the traditional agricultural machinery service management model shows greater limitations, such as low management efficiency, backward management methods, and low quality levels, etc.. The GIS technology has brought unprecedented development opportunities for the development of agricultural informatization. It plays an important role in promoting the improvement of agricultural machinery informatization to develop the agricultural machinery IoT service system by using the GIS technology.

Keywords: agricultural mechanization; IoT; GIS; service platform

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Haibo Sun, Huawei Liu, Keying Li, Ping Zhang, Yujie Deng, Guohai Zhang. Construction of GIS-based Agricultural Machinery IoT Service Platform. American Journal of Agricultural Research, 2021; 6:109. DOI: 10.28933/ajar-2021-01-1505


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