Optimization of overhaul of EMU Based on Planning Model

Optimization of overhaul of EMU Based on Planning Model

Yu Cao1*, Hairui Zhang1, Zhong Zheng2

1College of Science, China Three Gorges University, Yichang, 443002, China.
2College of Electrical Engineering & New Energy, China Three Gorges University, Yichang 443002, China.

American Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences

With the speed increase of the railway and the construction of the passenger dedicated line, the application efficiency and maintenance quality of the EMU, as the main means of transport of the passenger dedicated line, are directly related to the safe operation of the passenger dedicated line. Therefore, it is very necessary to carry out high-efficiency and high-quality maintenance work for EMU. In this paper, the maintenance problem of EMU is studied. According to the different maintenance process of EMU under different conditions, a mixed nonlinear programming model is established, and the software is used to solve the shortest total time of maintenance of all EMU is 541 min. The model provides a reference for the optimization of maintenance of EMU in actual production and life, and is helpful to improve the maintenance efficiency of EMU.

Keywords:Overhaul of EMU; Mixed nonlinear programming model; Genetic algorithm

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Yu Cao, Hairui Zhang, Zhong Zheng. Optimization of overhaul of EMU Based on Planning Model. American Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences, 2020; 3:20 DOI:10.28933/ajbas-2020-02-1205


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