Basic and Applied Sciences

  • Cause analysis and treatment of acid wastewater pollution in xiayuanqiaotou coal mine of Kaili City, Guizhou Province

    In this paper, the acid wastewater pollution caused by the closed pit of xiayuanqiaotou Coal Mine is taken as an example. Through hydrogeological survey and field inspection, the geological and hydrogeological conditions of the study area are understood, and the cause and discharge of acid wastewater pollution in the mining area are analyzed. The results show that the goaf and coal gangue leaching water formed by the disorderly mining of small coal kilns in the Yudonghe Vally are the main sources of acidic wastewater pollution, and direct drainage from the mine mouth is the main drainage method of pollution in the Yudong Vally.Based on this, the technology of source control plus terminal treatment has been adopted, and applying regional water treatment and prevention technology to treatment is a new model of both specimens and treatments.which will play a significant role in the treatment of acid mine water in Guizhou and the south in the future.

  • Traditional Agricultural Practices And Natural Resource Management: The Case Of Gumuz Community In Mandura District

    The Gumuz is one of the groups of the people, who are living in Mandura district of the Metekkel administrative Zone, Benishangul-Gumuz Regional state. This study aimed to assess and outline the traditional agricultural practices and natural resource management of the Gumuz community in Mandura district of the Metekel zone, Northwestern Ethiopia, in state of Benishangul-Gumuz region. Gumuz communities of the study area have their own agricultural practices and traditional resource management that distinct them from others. It attempted to high-light on the land tenure system, periodical agricultural activates and approaches of the natural resource management of the community. The paper aims to contribute to the understanding of the traditional agricultural practices and natural resource management of the Gumuz society.

  • Research on Fire Behavior of Ship Engine Room

    Due to the need for high performance and reduced commercial cost of ownership, and due to many outstanding advantages such as high strength and light weight, steel has been widely used in engineering practice. In the case of fire, in order to prevent and protect these structures, it is the key issue to study the fire behavior environment. The engine room is also the source of power for ships. It is a high-risk area with frequent fires. Therefore, this paper mainly uses FDS to conduct numerical simulation research through a scaled-down engine room with a size of 3m×3m×3.5m. The change of temperature, pressure and smoke movement in the closed cabin with time at a fire source height of 1.5m is studied. The research shows that the fire behavior inside the closed cabin conforms to the two-zone model, and the fire suppression method of the closed fire has its significant advantages, And looked for the best time to reopen the cabin and the location of subsequent repair structures.

  • Apiculture Constraints and Opportunities in Diga and Wayu Tuka Districts

    The study was conducted in Diga and Wayu Tuka Districts to determine the constraints and opportunities of beekeeping. Questionnaire surveys was administered to 146 beekeepers (97.1% males). Majority of the respondents started beekeeping after 2010 (28.03%) by catching colonies as honey bee colony source (54.8%). The major dearth period of the area was late march to early may. The trend of beekeeping in the study area was shifting from traditional to modern beekeeping and the trend of honeybee colony and its yield was decreasing due to honeybee health problem of the area (pests, predators, pathogenic disease, high cost of bee equipment and agrochemical application). In the study area the major pests and predators considered as challenges were ants, beetles, wax moth, varroa destructor and some predators like honey badgers, honeybee eater birds, dead head hawks moth, lizards, wasps and birds respectively. For the reason of time restraint in this study area, farther study on the driving force of challenge and opportunity of beekeeping is suggested by monitoring throughout the year.

  • Optimization of overhaul of EMU Based on Planning Model

    With the speed increase of the railway and the construction of the passenger dedicated line, the application efficiency and maintenance quality of the EMU, as the main means of transport of the passenger dedicated line, are directly related to the safe operation of the passenger dedicated line. Therefore, it is very necessary to carry out high-efficiency and high-quality maintenance work for EMU. In this paper, the maintenance problem of EMU is studied. According to the different maintenance process of EMU under different conditions, a mixed nonlinear programming model is established, and the software is used to solve the shortest total time of maintenance of all EMU is 541 min. The model provides a reference for the optimization of maintenance of EMU in actual production and life, and is helpful to improve the maintenance efficiency of EMU.


    Background: Globally, iron deficiency anaemia is one of the major health problems of pregnant women. Less than one percent took iron supplements during their last pregnancy, and the major problem with iron-folate supplementation during pregnancy is non-compliance. Objective: The aim of this study is to assess prevalence of Compliance and Dosage Form Preference in Iron folic acid supplementation (IFAS) in Antenatal Care (ANC) visit others, Ayder Comprehensive Specialized Hospital, Ethiopia. Methods: A cross sectional study was conducted at Ayder comprehensive specialized hospital antenatal care from Oct.2018 – Feb.2019. Result: The total number of study participants was 278 and 172 (63.3 %) were in compliance with iron / folic acid supplementation. The five associated variables indicated significant association at 95% confidence interval for compliance to iron/folic acid supplementation was, age less than 28 years AOR=.044, [.015-.128] , a monthly income AOR=10.304, [3.220-32.970] family size AOR=.144 [.036-.565], four and more ANC visits AOR=4.193, [1.689-10.411, first trimesters and second trimester AOR=21.168, [6.297-71.158] and AOR=4.458, [1.592-12.485] , AOR=4.193, [1.689-10.411] all with p value < 0.05. Conclusion: In this study, compliance with prenatal iron folate supplementation remains very poor as 63.3%. Mother’s age, monthly income, number of ANC visits, family size and trimesters have been found to be significantly correlated with compliance during pregnancy with prenatal iron foliate supplementation. Therefore, during the ANC visit health workers and health extension workers must regularly advise on IFAS benefits to strengthen adherence to IFAS during current and future pregnancies. For the implementation and refinement of iron supplementation program strategies and acceptable dosage forms, more detailed and in-depth studies are recommended.

  • Using Multi-constraint Integer Nonlinear Optimization Model to Select Generator

    This paper studies the power generation plan when the power is cut off within a week in the factory. Considering various factors that affect the cost, it comprehensively analyzes the possibility of opening the plan and the influence of three kinds of costs on the total cost, and establishes a multi-constraint integer nonlinear optimization model. In order to minimize the total cost of a week, a minimum model of fixed cost, marginal cost and start-up cost was established, and a seven-day minimum cost scheme was obtained by means of dynamic programming.After changing the output power of the generator, the constraint conditions of the output power are adjusted based on the model of the above problems, and a new model of electricity demand and generation is obtained.In this paper, the model is extended to other problems of continuous segmentation, and the improvement can be generalized to solve such problems.


    Background: Drug-induced hepatotoxicity is the most prevalent side effect that lead to the failure of new drug candidates or withdrawal from the market and is a significant clinical problem that contributes more than 50% of acute liver failure. Objective: The objective of this study is to assess the prevalence and associated risk factors of drug-induced hepatotoxicity among TB or TB/HIV co-infected patients in ACSH, Mekelle, Ethiopia. Method: A retrospective cross sectional method was conducted in ACSH on the prevalence and associated risk factors of drug-induced hepatotoxicity among TB or TB/HIV co-infected patients from January to April 2019 E.C. Result: Out of 164 participants, 16 of them had developed hepatotoxicity. After bivariate logistic regression analysis, Predictor variables with p-value < 0.25 by bivariate analysis were analysed using multivariable logistic regression analysis and Art regimen [AOR=0.038, (CI95%) (0.002-0.846); p=0.038], CD4 count less than 50 [AOR=0.031, (CI95%) (0.00-0.64); p=0.08] and disseminated of TB [AOR=0.042, (CI95%) (0.001-0.88); p=0.030] as independent predictors of drug induced hepatotoxicity. Conclusion: The prevalence of DIH was 9.8 %. Results suggest that in the presence of disseminated pulmonary TB and CD4 count in HIV positive patients and those who are on Efavirenz based ART medication should be closely monitored for the occurrence of hepatotoxicity to prevent morbidity and mortality.


    Background: Cerebrovascular accident (CVA) is a problem that refers to a group of conditions that affect the circulation of blood to the brain. The objective of this study was to identify factors related to cerebrovascular accident patients in the Ayder Comprehensive Specialized Hospital. Method: A retrospective cohort study design was conducted in the Ayder Comprehensive Hospital from January 2015 to August 2016 and followed for a total of 20 days during the admission period. Data was collected from a database of electronic medical records and medical charts using a structured data extraction tool. Kaplan-Meier, log rank test and Cox-proportional hazard regression were used. STATA V.13 program was used for data entry, cleaning and analysis. Result: From 292 CVA case patients, 42(14.4%) died and (80.95%) were died with in the 7 days of hospital stay and their median survival time was also 7 days. Factors associated with CVA mortality were: positive history of hypertension (HR=4.8, 95%, CI= 1.486 – 16.018), positive history of diabetes mellitus (HR=2.0, 95%, CI= 1.086 – 3.789), Stroke sub type as haemorrhagic (HR= 2.1, 95%, CI= 1.070 – 4.160), admitted in intensive care unit (HR= 2.48, 95%, CI= 1.166 -5.306) and increased age (HR= 5.1, 95%, CI= 1.725 – 15.487) Conclusion: The risk rate of patients at an earlier time was high, and there was more death in the intensive care unit than any other medical wards. Hypertension was the most common risk factor for both types of cardiovascular accidents. Ischemic stroke subtype, diabetes mellitus and rising age were also associated survival factors.


    The study was conducted in Adami Tulu Jido Kombolcha (ATJK) district of the East Shoa Zone Oromai Region, Eethiopia, with the objectives to assess the existing status of feed resource under climate change and examine chemical composition. Feed sample from grazing lands (protected communal (PC), protected private (PP) and unprotected communal (UnPC) and crop residues were used for chemical composition analysis (23 from the natural pasture (NP) and 48 from crop residues (CRs). Out of 23 herbaceous species identified in ATJK district, Cynodon dactilon in ATJK district was the dominant grass species. The average mean DMY (ton ha-1) of grass obtained from PPGL (2.43) and PCGL (2.36) was significantly (P