Silva V.P1; Morais C.R.S2; Moreno F.S.A3; Santos I.I4; Melo J.D5; Costa S.L6

1,2,3,4,5Estudante do Curso de Enfermagem – UNP; 6Docente do Curso de Graduação em Enfermagem da Universidade Potiguar – UNP.

American Journal of Clinical Research and Reviews

Since tuberculosis is a serious public health problem in Brazil and worldwide, it is the second leading cause of death from infectious disease, surpassed only by deaths associated with the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). This fact is an important point for the elaboration of actions aimed at reducing the indicators of disease incidence. This subject, pertinent and noticeable in the dialogues of the conversation and workshop circles, promoted by the higher level institution, which prompted undergraduate students to discuss the issue with the elderly, aiming at an exchange of knowledge, since this public It favors the exchange of knowledge that enriches knowledge through a dynamic and creative approach, aiming to reduce the incidence of the disease. Conduct health education intervention with the elderly, as a measure of prevention and health promotion, to control new cases of tuberculosis in the elderly. The methodology worked in an integrative and playful way, through lecture and group discussion, aiming to disseminate knowledge about the disease. The intervention took place on 28-052016, next to the church of the Santa Clara Monastery, located at Rua Heroninda Cavalcante Dantas – Dom Jaime Câmara, Mossoró – RN. life experiences of those involved. The theoretical framework was searched in the Virtual Health Library – VHL with the keywords, in a combined way: Tuberculosis, education and health, elderly. Since tuberculosis is the second leading cause of death from infectious disease, among the risk factors that lead to the evolution to active disease is age (elderly). As society ages, the health problems of older people challenge traditional models of care. However, motivated by the pursuit of learning and believing that educational measures are a means by which they can enter the universe unknown to this population, the wheels of conversation establish knowledge exchange that makes them feel more secure and autonomous. Exposed information is expected to be multiplied in family environments and other socialization spaces in which the elderly participate. Given what was lived and approached, it was realized the importance of reporting on tuberculosis in the elderly population. It was observed in the literature that there is still much to research and better direct which way the evolved should go.

Keywords: Education and Health; Old man; Tuberculosis

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Silva V.P; Morais C.R.S; Moreno F.S.A; Santos I.I; Melo J.D; Costa S.L. KNOW THE PREVENTION OF TUBERCULOSIS. American Journal of Clinical Research and Reviews, 2018; 3:11.

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