A Systemic Review on the Pharmacognosy, Phytochemistry, Pharmacological and Clinical aspects of Edible stemmed vine, Cissus quadrangularis L

A Systemic Review on the Pharmacognosy, Phytochemistry, Pharmacological and Clinical aspects of Edible stemmed vine, Cissus quadrangularis L

Anoop Austin

Head – Research and Development Center, Cholayil Private Limited, # 31-A/24, 4th Cross Main road, SIDCO Industrial Estate (North Phase), Aavin Dairy road, Ambattur, Chennai – 600 098, Tamilnadu, India.

American Journal of Clinical Research and Reviews

Cissus quadrangularis Linn. belonging to the family Vitaceae is a common perennial climber, which is distributed throughout India. This square stemmed vine is widely used in traditional systems of medicines and parts like stem, roots and shoots are the most important parts, which are used medicinally. The article reveals a wide number of phytochemical constituents that had been isolated from the plant, which plays major role including gallic acid derivatives, steroids, iridoids, flavonoids, stilbenes and triterpenes, which possesses activities like anti inflammatory, anti tumor, gastro protective, antioxidant, antimicrobial and various other important medicinal properties. Many extensive research works had been done to prove its biological activities and pharmacology of its extracts. The current review deals with the enormous amount of updated information of scientific research and reports available in different aspects of this plant involving phytochemical, pharmacology, toxicological and clinical works. This review also includes reports on pharmacognosy, variants and traditional medicinal uses of the plant.

Keywords:  Cissus quadrangularis; Vitis quadrangularis; Vitaceae; Bone Fracture; Edible stemmed vine

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Anoop Austin. A Systemic Review on the Pharmacognosy, Phytochemistry, Pharmacological and Clinical aspects of Edible stemmed vine, Cissus quadrangularis L. American Journal of Clinical Research and Reviews, 2020; 4:18. DOI:10.28933/ajcrr-2020-07-1705


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