Dentist Surgery Performance Potentially Maligan Injury And Smoking Habit: Case Report

Dentist Surgery Performance Potentially Maligan Injury And Smoking Habit: Case Report

Fernanda Teles Pereira¹*, Aurora Karla de Lacerda Vidal¹, Angélica Lopes Frade¹, Laís Azevedo Lins de Holanda¹

¹Instituto de Ciências Biológicas e Centro de Oncologia do Hospital Universitário Oswaldo Cruz da Universidade de Pernambuco (ICB/CEON/HUOC/UPE)

Objective: To report the conduct of the dental team in the face of a patient with a potentially malignant lesion and who had difficulty quitting smoking.

Methods: We described the clinical management of the injury and conduct in the face of the smoking habit of a female patient, 57 years old, melanoderma, denied alcoholism and a smoker for 30 years, referred to the Dentistry Service of Hospital Universitário Oswaldo Cruz.

Results: An incisional biopsy and histopathological examination of the lesion were performed, which showed hyperplasia, hyperkeratosis and papillomatosis of the squamous epithelium, without signs of malignancy, corroborating the hypothesis of Leukoplakia. It was recommended that she quit smoking, emphasizing the prevention of the malignant transformation of the pathology and promotion of healthy habits. After that, 2 more excisional biopsies were performed to completely remove the lesion. The patient, after diagnosis, reported having stopped the habit and was being followed up with a pulmonologist and dental team. After a year and a half, in a return visit, the patient reported having returned to the habit. The importance of quitting the habit was reinforced and it was referred to psychology, since it showed interest in stopping the use of cigarettes again.

Conclusion: In view of the diagnosis of a potentially malignant lesion and difficulty in smoking cessation, the role of the dental team in informing about cigarettes, in the pathogenesis of this lesion, and the importance of avoiding them for the preservation of health, in addition to continuous monitoring with patients.

Keywords: Leukoplakia, Oral. Tobacco Use Disorder. Continuity of Patient Care.

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Fernanda Teles Pereira, Aurora Karla de Lacerda Vidal, Angélica Lopes Frade, Laís Azevedo Lins de Holanda. DENTIST SURGERY PERFORMANCE POTENTIALLY MALIGAN INJURY AND SMOKING HABIT: CASE REPORT. American Journal of Clinical Research and Reviews, 2021; 4:22. DOI:10.28933/ajcrr-2021-02-2003

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