Unified transportation authenticated reservation system using online QR-code

Unified transportation authenticated reservation system using online QR-code

Hussam Elbehiery1, and Ghada Abdelhady2
1Ahram Canadian University (ACU), 2October University for Modern Sciences and Arts (MSA)

American Journal of Computer Sciences and ApplicationsPublic transit whether it is buses, trains, or metros can be particularly frustrating for passengers. Although public transit is typically cheaper and more green than traveling by a private vehicle, public transit may not be as comfortable, convenient, or as quick as a private vehicle, passengers will have to plan their schedules around the public transit timetables, and unforeseen circumstances may disrupt public transit operations. However, the drawbacks of public transportation is slowly being eliminated; public transit is starting to become more comfortable, districts are offering more amenities for passengers such as internet access, and districts are starting to improve service by offering more trips and express service. Designing a computerized system has been introduced in this research which is based on the Internet to remotely reserve all types of tickets for the most important and essential types of transportation in Egypt. The covered transportation types in the suggested system should be trusted like private Buses companies like GO Bus, Blue eyes, West Delta, and East Delta, Underground Metro, and Railway Trains network. By generating QR-Code which will be sent to the customer on his own mail using any connected device to Internet including all details of the ticket. Whenever the customer reserves the ticket, he can deal with in a hard copy or electronic version. The suggested reservation system depends on using the databases of National IDs and Visa Card. So, it will be very easy and helpful systems which will leads to save time and money too, and in future it will minimize dealing with the tickets’ window in stations.

Keywords: Message Digest, QR-code, Reservation, Secure Hash Function and Transportation.

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Hussam Elbehiery and Ghada Abdelhady. Unified transportation authenticated reservation system using online QR-code. American Journal of Computer Sciences and Applications, 2018; 2:12. DOI: 10.28933/ajcsa-2018-08-0201.

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