Postal Service Tracking System

Postal Service Tracking System

Yaknan John Gamb1*, Gbor I. Jacob2, Mu’awuya Dalhat1, Sani Aliyu Ahmad1

1Department of Computer Science, Federal University Wukari, Wukari, Taraba State, Nigeria.
2DepartmentMathematics, Statistics and Computer Science, Kwararafa University Wukari, Wukari, Taraba State, Nigeria.

American Journal of Computer Sciences and ApplicationsThis research presents a web-based Postal Service Tracking System for an efficient and effective Postal Service Delivery. The software will help keep track of freight or parcel as they are being delivered from one place to the other. Most times the delivery of packages involves transporting them across long distances with several stops that may lead to the mix-up or possible misplacement of the packages enroute. The advent of Barcode or Quick Response (QR) has greatly assisted these efforts, to track mail from the time it arrives in the mail room to the time it is delivered to its intended location for pickup or delivery. In this research a Barcodes and QR identification techniques were used in the system to help identify and track packages. The system was implemented using Bootstrap for the front end, PHP for the business logic and MYSQL for the backend on an Apache server.

Keywords: Post, Postal, Postal Service, Tracking System, QR Code, Barcode

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Yaknan John Gamb, Gbor I. Jacob, Mu’awuya Dalhat, Sani Aliyu Ahmad. Postal Service Tracking System. American Journal of Computer Sciences and Applications, 2018; 2:13.


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