An overview of Artificial neural network

An overview of Artificial neural network

Emon Md Mohaiminul Islama

aChongqing University Of Science And Technology, Shapingba, Chnongqing,China

American Journal of Computer Sciences and ApplicationsNeural networks represent a brain metaphor for information processing. These models are biologically inspired rather than an exact replica of how the brain actually functions. Neural networks have been shown to be very promising systems in many forecasting applications and business classification applications due to their ability to learn from the data. This article aims to provide a brief overview of artificial neural network.The artificial neural network learns by updating the network architecture and connection weights so that the network can efficiently perform a task. It can learn either from available training patterns or automatically learn from examples or input-output relations.

Keywords: review, artificial neural network

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Emon Md Mohaiminul Islama. An overview of Artificial neural network. American Journal of Computer Sciences and Applications, 2019; 2:16.


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