Design of NSGA-III Tuned FPC for AMSS

Design of NSGA-III Tuned FPC for AMSS

Fengyang Lu1, Xiaolu Xu1, Hengbo Zhao1

1Luoyang Optoelectronic Technology Development Center, Luoyang, China.

American Journal of Computer Sciences and Applications

Airborne missile servo system (AMSS) is a complex time-varying nonlinear system and the design of which is a multi-objective optimization problem. Fuzzy PID controller (FPC) is demonstrated appropriate for complex time-varying nonlinear systems but the design of which needs a tedious trial and error process. Non-dominated Sorting Genetic Algorithm III (NSGA-III) is a multi-objective evolutionary algorithm with good generality and robustness which can do a big favor for parameter tuning of complex system. This paper develops NSGA-III for parameter tuning in design process of FPC. Resulting FPCs are tested with model of AMSS on simulink. For further comparison, performance of conventional PID controller and sectional PID controller which is widely used in the engineering are also shown. Comparison shows that NSGA-III tuned FPCs have the better performance in AMSS.

Keywords:  NSGA-III; FPC; AMSS

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Fengyang Lu,Xiaolu Xu,Hengbo Zhao. Design of NSGA-III Tuned FPC for AMSS. American Journal of Computer Sciences and Applications, 2019; 2:18. DOI: 10.28933/ajcsa-2019-08-3105

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