Dependence on Blockchain Technology for Future Cybersecurity Advancement: A Systematic Analysis

Dependence on Blockchain Technology for Future Cybersecurity Advancement: A Systematic Analysis

Author: Ayman Abdulsalam Mohamed Al-Dherasi, Co-Author: Albert Annor-Antwi
Supervisor: Dr. Yang Chunting

School of Electrical and Electronic Technology and Computer Science, Zhejiang University of Science and Technology

American Journal of Computer Sciences and Applications

Purpose: The aim of this research is to thoroughly analyze blockchain with respect to the role it plays in cybersecurity, and how this role may affect the future of blockchain and cybersecurity. Also, gaps are identified along with the shortcomings that cause these gaps. This research also identifies possible solutions to the gaps or issues. Method: the research approach used here is a review of the literature using the systematic-analysis technique. Other works that address various aspects of blockchain are analyzed in-depth to show its effectiveness. Results: there is a great possibility that blockchain is one of the future’s greatest cybersecurity solutions. Among the major issues include quantum computing, user habits, and conflicting interests. All these issues have various ways through which they can be addressed effectively in order to brighten the future of blockchain’s applicability in cybersecurity. Conclusion: blockchain, as it is, promotes fraud in cryptocurrency and therefore needs modification. Blockchain only needs reinforcement from technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning to make it the future’s most dependable cybersecurity provider.

Keywords: Blockchain, Cybersecurity, Cryptography, Algorithm, Cryptocurrency, Encryption, Decentralization, Transparency, Ingenuity

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Author: Ayman Abdulsalam Mohamed Al-Dherasi, Co-Author: Albert Annor-Antwi, Supervisor: Dr. Yang Chunting. Dependence on Blockchain Technology for Future Cybersecurity Advancement: A Systematic Analysis. American Journal of Computer Sciences and Applications, 2019; 2:21. DOI: 10.28933/ajcsa-2019-11-0806

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