Domestic Violence Against Women in the Effutu Municipalityin the Central Region of Ghana: Implications for Counselling

Domestic Violence Against Women in the Effutu Municipalityin the Central Region of Ghana: Implications for Counselling

Phoebe Agyei (Ms) and Rev. Kwesi Nkum Wilson (PhD)
Department of Social Welfare, Effutu Municipality
Department of Psychology and Education, University of Education, Winneba

American journal of educational research and reviewsThe study investigated the prevalence of domestic violence within the Effutu Municipality, it also examined how counselling programmes can assist in addressing domestic violence within the municipality. The study employed a cross sectional survey design and collected both quantitative and qualitative data. A simple random sampling technique was used in the selection of 300 respondents for the quantitative study, while purposive sampling technique was used in the selection of 12 interviewees for the qualitative aspect of the study. Quantitative data collected were analysed using descriptive and inferential analysis while qualitative data was analysed using content and thematic analyses. The study revealed that Christians and traditionalists differed in their views with regards to cultural and life-time perceptions about domestic violence. Additionally, educational level attained also influenced respondents’ perceptions on domestic violence against women in the Effutu Municipality. It was also revealed that though, there are institutions that offer services to reduce or forestall the incidence of domestic violence; both victims and perpetrators did not receive any counselling in any form. It is therefore recommended that Effutu municipal assembly hire professionally trained counsellors, and attach them to the various institutions that deal with issues bordering on domestic violence.

Keywords: Domestic Violence, Women and Counselling

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Phoebe Agyei and Rev. Kwesi Nkum Wilson. Domestic Violence Against Women in the Effutu Municipalityin the Central Region of Ghana: Implications for Counselling. American Journal of Educational Research and Reviews, 2018,3:15. DOI:10.28933/AJERR-2017-12-1001


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