Extent of Application of Strategic Management Control in the Management of Tertiary Institutions in Anambra State

Extent of Application of Strategic Management Control in the Management of Tertiary Institutions in Anambra State

Okeke Ifediorah Nonyem and Okaforcha Choice Chima 
Department of Educational Foundations,  Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University, Igbariam Campus, Anambra State, Nigeria

American journal of educational research and reviewsThe main purpose of the study was to ascertain the extent of application of strategic management control in the management of tertiary institutions in Anambra State. It was a descriptive survey research guided by one research question and one null hypothesis. All the four public and private universities in Anambra State of Nigeria were studied. The population of the study comprised two-hundred (200) respondents while the sample of the study comprised one hundred and fifteen (115) respondents made up of all the twenty (20) core management staff, thirty (30) Deans selected through purposive sampling technique and sixty-five (65) HODs selected through proportionate stratified random sampling technique using 50 percent of the total population of the HODs. The instrument for data collection was researchers-developed questionnaire titled “Strategic Control Application Questionnaire” (SCAQ). The reliability of SCAQ was determined using 20 respondents from tertiary institutions in Ebonyi State. Cronbach alpha statistics was used to measure the internal consistency of the items which yielded the means of 0.83. The researchers personally administered copies of the instrument on the respondents in their respective institutions. Data collected were analyzed using mean, standard deviations and ANOVA. The findings of the study indicated among others that strategic management control was applied to a low extent in tertiary institutions in Anambra State. It was among others recommended that the ministry of education should attempt organizing for managers regular workshops, short courses and seminars on strategic management control to enable them grasp the fundamentals and have confidence in managing strategically and that NUC should ensure that strategic management control is included in its criteria for accrediting tertiary institutions.

Keywords: Application,Strategic Management Control, Management of Tertiary Institutions, Anambra State

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Okeke Ifediorah Nonyem And Okaforcha Choice Chima. Extent of Application of Strategic Management Control in the Management of Tertiary Institutions in Anambra State. American Journal of Educational Research and Reviews, 2018,3:16. DOI:10.28933/ajerr-2018-01-1201

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