PhD Students Participate in the Worlds Highest Academic Conference A Study on the Difference Between Taiwan and Croatia

PhD Students Participate in the World’s Highest Academic Conference- A Study on the Difference Between Taiwan and Croatia

Biing-Huei Chen, Fei-Chuan Chen, Kuei-Chih, Chuang

Graduate School of Technological and Vocational Education National Yunlin University of Science and Technology

American journal of educational research and reviews

In this study, as doctoral graduate students who participated positive action in international academic presentation between the International Conference on Engineering Education (ICEE2015), and 2015 International Symposium on Cultural Differences (ISCD2016) and 2016 International Symposium on Urban Construction of Rural Culture (ISUCRC2014). This study aims to investigate the impact of International Conference between Taiwan and Croatia Country.
After the participation, there are summarized at detailed records, observation, analysis, and aggregate, study research of the three conferences in industry, government, academic research and training of situation. It gets ideas and thoughts to participate in international learning experience, academic exchanges worldwide situation in the region of the countries.
This study found that three sessions of proceeding from the paper submission, modification, transportation arrangements, booking travel and accommodation, applying grant, the agenda of Conference and workshop, welcome reception, opening ceremony and thematic papers published seminars, site management, exchange of experts, visiting travel event, banquet dinner party they also have a significant different.
This study is tangible to enhance citizen diplomacy, international perspective, and national academic standards. On the intangible outcomes of self-learning attitude adjustment, the spirit of action research, the assist of essay writing, the potential help of international perspective, the effectiveness and inspiration are unmatched. All of experiences to participants in the process cumbersome procedures login, application, registration and other detailing the process are learn. This information should help graduate students and scholars participated in similar International activities and Conference.

Keywords: ICEE; ZSEM; Science and Technology; International Conference

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Biing-Huei Chen, Fei-Chuan Chen, Kuei-Chih, Chuang. PhD Students Participate in the World’s Highest Academic Conference- A Study on the Difference Between Taiwan and Croatia.American Journal of Educational Research and Reviews, 2019,4:42.

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