Factors influencing the Pursuit of IT Certifications

Factors influencing the Pursuit of IT Certifications

Wei-Chieh Wayne YU1*, Chunfu Charlie LIN2, Emily WU2
1Department of Instructional Systems & Workforce Development, Mississippi State University, USA;
2Department of Applied Foreign Languages, National Formosa University, Taiwan

American journal of educational research and reviews

This quantitative study attempted to understand the factors that influence students at the large university in south-eastern United States to pursue Information Technology (IT) certification. The study investigated the problem of determining the factors that influence college students to pursue IT certification along with their academic degree and thereby increase their chances of gaining employment and increasing completion rates for the college resulting in increased state funding. This influence may lead to higher job placement after graduation resulting in an increase in completion rates for each college. The results showed that 91.7% of the respondents were inclined to take the certification exam if it means job security. Of all the participants, 88.4% indicated that they would take the certification exam if their future job requires it. A statistically significant difference was found between students’ rank and their perception on the statement “Schools prepare me for the certification exam.” A statistically significant difference was also found between students’ GPA and their perception on the statement “I am inclined to take the certification exam if I get reimbursed for my testing fee after passing the test.” The goal of the study was to provide information that can be used to improve students’ perceptions of the importance of certifications as well as to identify and address weaknesses in curriculum and/or interaction with students that can be addressed to improve students’ perceptions related to the importance of certificates. It also created a foundation for administrators and instructors in IT programs throughout the educational system to influence students in pursuing IT certification.

Keywords: Information Technology, Certifications, Information Technology Majors, Certificates

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Wei-Chieh Wayne YU, Chunfu Charlie LIN, Emily WU. Factors influencing the Pursuit of IT Certifications. American Journal of Educational Research and Reviews, 2019,4:62. DOI: 10.28933/ajerr-2019-07-2805

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