Comparative test and study on different types of anchor cable support in high stress deep rock mass

Comparative test and study on different types of anchor cable support in high stress deep rock mass

Yu haikuo1, Zhang xiuyu1*, Li yuneng1, Chi en’an2,3, Pu hengqiang1, Ming yue1, Tang mingyuan1, Lu shuang1, Dai xianglong1

1Guizhou Guian Xinlian Blasting Engineering Group Co Ltd,Guiyang 550000,China.
2College of Ming,Guizhou University,Guiyang 550000,China.
3Poly Union Group Co Ltd,Guiyang 550000,China.

American Journal of Geographical Research and Reviews

To study the grouting anchor cable, high strength anchor cable, constant resistance, large deformation of anchor supporting of coal roadway surrounding rock different control effect, first using drilling into instrument detecting roof inner fracture of surrounding rock and loose circle development situation, again USES the anchor dynamometer, the roof abscission layer meter, convergence rule of surrounding rock of roadway convergence deformation and stress monitoring and supporting artifacts related to data processing and analysis between the drivage and stoping different anchor rope supporting of roadway surrounding rock under the condition of deformation and stress change rule anchor rope.Through the above steps, the grouting anchor cable is found to be the best supporting method.

Keywords: Comparative test and study, different types, anchor cable support, high stress deep rock mass

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Yu haikuo, Zhang xiuyu, Li yuneng, Chi en ‘an, Pu hengqiang, Ming yue , Tang mingyuan, Lu shuang, Dai xianglong. Comparative test and study on different types of anchor cable support in high stress deep rock mass. American Journal of Geographical Research and Reviews, 2019; 2:14. DOI: 10.28933/ajgrr-2019-09-2805


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