Introduction to Discourse on Fever of Averroes

Introduction to Discourse on Fever of Averroes

Prof.Dr.Luisa Maria Arvide Cambra

University of Almeria. Spain

American Journal of History and Culture

The 884th Arabic manuscript from the Royal Monastery of San Lorenzo de El Escorial (Ms. DCCCLXXIX, according to Miquel Casiri´s cataloguing) contains in the folios 1rº-7rº and the folios 63vº-64vº two short treatises written by the great scholar from Cordova Ibn Rushd (Averroes) (1126-1198) on fever and its acute access. The first part (f.1rº to f.7rº), titled in Arabic Talkhīs Kitāb al-ḥummayyāt (Summary of fevers book), is a paraphrase of Galen´s De febris; and the second one (f.63vº to f.64vº) is a booklet that lacks a specific title and it possibly is the work called Masā’il fī-nawā’ib al-ḥummà (Questions about the acute access of fever) or Kalām fī-i‘tiqād zamān al-nūba (Speech on the acute bout of fever time). The present article is an approach to the study of these writings and provides the edition and the translation to English of some fragments as well as a brief introduction to the author and his main oeuvre.

Keywords: Averroes. Scientific Literature. Fevers. Arabic Medieval Medicine. History of science.

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