Promotion of Food Habits Adequate in School Space: an Educational Experience

Promotion of Food Habits Adequate in School Space: an Educational Experience

Silva M.A.C1; Silva C.S2; Pinto F.C.S3; Medeiros A.S4

1,2,3Centro Universitário do Vale do Ipojuca – UNIFAVIP DEVRY
4Centro universitário Maurício de Nassau – UNINASSAU

American Journal of History and Culture

Introduction: Alimentation is fundamental for the development of a child, therefore it, is important to put in place the fundamental structures from an early age. The school environment has a huge influence on these habits and therefore it is important from an early stage to promote good structure in the formation of those habits. Objective: Explain the approach taken within the school environment to promote good eating habits. Methodology: Treat the case of the public school of Bezerros where the children range in age from 8 to 10 years and are in the 3rd class of fundamental education. The intervention happened once and lasted 3 hours. What resources did you to create dialogue, how did the conversation go using digital support, how did the exhibition of the food pyramid go. As well, fruit was introduced as part of the discussion. Results and Discussion: 60 Students participated who during the entire presentation displayed an interest and attention. It was discussed the impact of each food type on the human organism. In the end, the students participated in sampling each of the foods available. It was noted that some had doubts about some of the verbal explanations given but these doubts were clarified. This active participation by the children allows the conclusion of positive development of the children. Conclusion: The success of this trial proved the team of the school the essential need to have such programmes in the school to promote good eating habits by the students. It also showed the necessity for those in control to ensure that such activities were necessary in order to change the thinking regarding food and would result in better eating habits.

Keywords: school nutrition, nutritional education, food for schools.

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Silva M.A.C; Silva C.S; Pinto F.C.S; Medeiros A.S. Promotion of Food Habits Adequate in School Space: an Educational Experience. American Journal of History and Culture, 2018,1:5. DOI: 10.28933/ajhc-2018-5-0804

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