Interaction and Conflict among the Nuer and Anuak communities

Interaction and Conflict among the Nuer and Anuak communities

Bogale Aligaiz Agalu

Department of History, Injibara

American Journal of History and Culture

Gambella regional state is located in the southwestern Ethiopia with diverse ethnic groups. From the ethnic groups, Anuak and Nuer are dominant in the region. Both interacted in marriage, support each other in the time of famine as well as war and followed traditional religion. Their interaction violated by conflicts in the second half 19th century. The conflict caused by the question of natural resources, Parliamentary seats and curriculum and media of instruction in school. This fight caused the death of human beings and destruction of material properties on the both ethnic groups. Hostilities and conflicts between them had no earned solution due to outbreak of First World War.

Keywords: Interaction, Conflict, Gambella

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